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About us

The folk dance group “Svitanok” is an ensemble that makes Ukrainian dance modern and interesting to everyone . ” Svitanok” – is the heart and soul of the centre of extracurricular education “ Lira” the Lyceum 25. The group was founded in 2004. Maxim Pechenenko is the chief teacher and chief choreographer ,a member of the national choreographic union of Ukraine. 2005 – being unknown dance group Svitanok was lucky to win Ukrainian Dance Competition. In 2006 “svitankivtsi” were happy to get new and well equipped ballet class. “Svitanok“ often takes part in competitions, seminars, city concerts and other events. “Svitanok” is the best team in the modern history of folk dance due to the International Competition “Summer Best Fest-2017″ The winner of the Ukrainian prizes in choreography «Ukraine Dance Awards-2015” – “Folk collective of the Year”, winner of the competition of folk dance after Pavlo Virsky, winner of the TV project “Favorite ensemble of Kirovograd-2012”, the winner of the 16th prizes “GRAN-PRI” of Ukrainian and International competitions. 2008 is the first reporting concert of the dance group and the debut Ukrainian GRAN-PRI. In 2010, it was awarded with the title of “Exemplary Artistic Collective” 2014 Full house in Kirovohrad Philharmonic during a report in two departments’ when Svitanok was 10 years. While giving a standing ovation the mayor presented Maxim Pechenenko Award ” Merit II degree. ” And in 2015 “Svitanok” was awarded the most honorable title – “Folk Art Group”. “Svitanok” has more than 40 choreographic stagings and also own New Year’s choreographic and dramatized projects: “Christmas Goes Good to Every House “; “New Year’s Miracle”, “Gift to Nicholas”, “Festive Mystery”, “Adventures on the Night Before Christmas” and a concert in two acts. The Rhythm and Dance, Creative Game, Group Lessons, Choral Singing, Gymnastics and Acrobatics , Theatrical Art ,Ukrainian National Dance and Masterly Movements – these are subjects that students study. Kropyvnytskyi ” Sviatnok ” showed skills on the best stages in Kyiv, Truskavets , Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Krivyy Rig, Nikolaev, Odessa, Berdyansk, Ternopil, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Khmelnitsky, Ochakov and Mukachevo; also visited Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Greece. To preserve our rich Kirovohrad choreographic school heritage , to promote and develop, to create beauty and to make people happy IS the main task of folk choreographic ensemble ” Svitanok”

Directions of choreographic art

Classic dance

Classical dance lesson – a set of exercises that develop the ability of dancers, due to the observance of certain positions of the legs, hands, body and head. The basics of classical dance are made using the exercise, which consists of a dance lesson as a student and a professional ballet actor.

In “Dawn” the lesson consists of several parts:

  • ekzersis near the machine;
  • ekzersis in the middle of the hall;
  • adagio;
  • allegro.

Folk-stage dance

Folk-stage dance – symbiosis of classical, folk dance and folklore sources. Studying this discipline will help the pupil to navigate in a variety of genres and forms of folk choreographic art. Folk-stage dance is an integral part of our collective.

The lesson consists of exercises near the machine, in the middle and etiudo forms.

The curriculum includes folk dances: Poland (Mazurka, Krakowiak), Hungary (Chardash), Italy (Neoplitantsky, Tarantella), Spain (Aragonese hut, Sigidlyla, Fandango), Gypsy, Russian, Eastern and other.

Ukrainian folk dance

Ukrainian folk dance, as an independent part of choreographic art, is closely linked to other types of dance, with the general historical process of development of choreographic art. Students “Svitanok” study the peculiarities of the style, character and manner of performing Ukrainian folk dances in various ethnographic regions of Ukraine

Elements of gymnastics and acrobatics

Starting from the third year of study “Svitanchata” begin to take an optional part in gymnastics and acrobatics.

It is generally acknowledged that dancers who have a high culture of movement are able to perform technically challenging exercises easily and easily. Gymnastic exercises for girls and acrobatic elements for boys help in the development of coordination of movements, develop a vestibular apparatus, give impetus to the study and development of heavy technical elements, revolutions, reduce the child’s fear of stretching. Dance in Svitanok is the primary one, and acrobatics only complements and decorates it. Elements of acrobatics enhance the effect and give the usual number of elements of the show, make it brighter, stronger, enhance the impression.

In preparing traditional, New Year’s theatrical and choreographic performances, the pupils of our collective are engaged in theatrical, vocal and folk art, choral singing, studying directing and making stage essay with their own hands.

Individual approach to the guys: classical dance in separate groups, physical training, acrobatics, work on complex men’s equipment – this is a zest that distinguishes Svitanok from other children’s groups.

  • Силова підготовка

  • Підтягування на перекладині

  • Елементи акробатики

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