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Moseley and Rust), pp. 291-31 1 Coltman, J. W. (1954). J. Opt. Soc. Am. , Richard, J. C. and Piaget, C. (1985). In “Proc. Electronic Imaging Conference, Boston” Zucchino, P. (1976). In “Adv. “ Vol. MA, pp. 239-252 This Page Intentionally Left Blank Low-light-level TV with II/CCD Coupled Devices: Relative Merits of Different Approaches H. ROUGEOT and P. GIRARD Thomson-CSF Electron Tube Division. Boulogne-Billancourt. France INTRODUCTION Charge-coupled devices (CCDs) are nowadays increasingly used for TV image pick-up by virtue of their good detection performance and their excellent reliability.

Convolving this with the pixel width of 10 pm we get 424 TV lines as the horizontal resolution. 8 pm vertical pixel spacing of the sensor producing 370 vertical TV lines. Practical measurements of horizontal resolution produce a value of only 340 TV lines. This difference from theory is in part attributed to the non-zero thickness of the coupling layers between the various fibre-optic components, which has been ignored in the above calculations. At maximum gain setting it was quite easy to see discrete photon events on a monitor, though the ion events, seen as large white spots saturating the channel plate of the second intensifier, became annoyingly high at about 30 per second spread randomly across the whole field.

LLL TV WITH II/CCD COUPLED DEVICES 19 In low-light-level television, CCD noise can be considered negligible compared with photon noise if the I1 gain is sufficiently high. e. the ratio of the pixel dimension to the corresponding photocathode dimension. g. The minimum useable illumination Eminfor the system can thus be expressed as Emln . = K q Fm2 SpA t This means that the lower illumination limit for operation can be extended by raising the photocathode sensitivity, by demagnifying the image size, and by having the lowest possible noise factor.

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