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He had been one of the seven-man executive (comprising, it must be noted, both Christians and Jews) of the Association for Promoting Jewish Settlement in Palestine,68 which furnished two other speakers at the meeting: Jewish Chronicle editor Dr Abraham Benisch and (Sir) Hugh Owen of the Poor Law Board, future founder of the University of Wales. Mills was also the author of two recently published books about Anglo-Jewry's history, customs 'Barbarism and Bigotry' 19 and institutions. 70 At this meeting, he and Benisch were, respectively, mover and seconder of a resolution sympathizing with 'the poor and oppressed condition of the Jews in the East, but especially in Jerusalem'.

20 These included doctors, lawyers, bankers, military and naval officers, and people evidently of private means. A wide range of localities was represented, including remote Stromness, also in the Orkneys. 21 The Christian protest bears the property and intelligence of Protestant England,' enthused a non-Jewish regular reader of the Jewish Chronicle, Samuel Smith of Sedgley, near Wolverhampton, who that same year collected small sums from townspeople for the Jews of Morocco Relief Fund. ' He intended to distribute 1,000 copies of the printed petition among his parish's 40,000 residents.

Edgardo Mortara remained a Catholic and never returned to his family. He grew so attached to the new faith in which he was carefully nurtured that he took holy orders, dying in Belgium only in 1940 after a long clerical career. The Archbishop's highhandedness was consistent with a principle laid down by an eighteenth-century pope, that 'in cases where baptism 22 W. D. , Philosemitism © William D. Rubinstein and Hilary L. Rubinstein 1999 The Sympathies of All Good Meny 23 has been validly, but perhaps illicitly, administered to Hebrew infants ...

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