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By Gennady N Chuev, V Lakhno

The booklet provides the improvement of the polaron concept and its software in quite a few fields of physics. these days tools of the polaron concept are prevalent in such sciences as chemistry, solid-state and nuclear physics, and so on. The monograph contains chosen articles, according to the talks, given on the Workshops which have been held in Pushchino in 1993 and 1994. those articles lined diversified points of polaron physics and quantum box. They concerned either the elemental study equivalent to bipolarons and the polaron purposes to review the self-trapped electron country in a variety of beverages. we are hoping our booklet may be of curiosity to a vast diversity of readers, which might be in a position to feel the thrill of the articles.

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38 is given by the condition that Ck,D corresponds to cj. at D = 3. To evaluate the energy and the critical constants in the two-dimensional case, the estimates obtained in by the Gauss approximation can be used. These estimates relate bipolaron energies in three- and two-dimensional cases. bipol is tne bipolaron energy in the three-dimensional case. 0 = TlaD • The critical value of the electron-phonon coupling constant is derived similarly and in the two-dimensional case takes the form: where values of a, are listed in Table 5.

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