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By Dick Morris, Eileen Mcgann

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann are outrage—and you have to be, too! half all unlawful immigrants got here into this state legally—and we don't have any method of figuring out they're nonetheless the following! Congressmen are placing their better halves on their crusade payrolls! The UN is a canopy for enormous corruption! Drug businesses repay medical professionals to put in writing scrips—whether we want them or no longer! lecturers unions block the firing of undesirable teachers—and conflict opposed to better schooling criteria! Katrina sufferers are being stiffed by means of their insurance firms! targeted pursuits price our shoppers $45 billion via alternate quotas that store just a handful of jobs! blind to those abuses? it is not staggering because the mainstream media do not discuss them. Too many strong individuals are operating very challenging to hide them up. yet in Outrage, big apple instances bestselling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann provide the chilly, tough proof you will not examine anyplace else—and supply tricky, common sense proposals on the right way to struggle the distinctive pursuits of the left and correct . . . which will commence making those outrageous inequities issues of the earlier!

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18 The corruption was ubiquitous. S. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) reviewed 759 of the largest contracts under Oil-for-Food, it found that Saddam had overpaid for goods and services in almost half the cases. The overcharges, which averaged 21 percent, totaled $656 million—an amount likely divided between the company and Saddam’s regime. S. and Britain had been trying to put a halt to the kickbacks through an elaborate system to enforce fairer pricing—but with only limited success. ” 21 Once faced with increasing evidence of corruption, however, the Secu- 50 | OUTRAGE rity Council actually loosened its scrutiny of the program, voting on May 14, 2002 to give direct power to the secretary-general to approve all humanitarian contracts.

The system “now appears to be functioning quite well in helping track those foreigners in the United States on student visas,”Brookings Institution senior fellow Michael O’Hanlon said in recent congressional testimony. ” 20 But efforts to stop other visitors from overstaying their visas are not going very well at all. Homeland Security, under the US-VISIT program launched in 2004, requires that people who are applying to enter the States be fingerprinted and photographed in their home countries before they arrive here.

Beyond any future limitations, we must immediately place a dramatically higher priority on catching those who have overstayed their visa departure dates and who are already here illegally. This is no small matter. Patrolling the Mexican border as intensively as possible would not reduce the potential terrorist population in the United States by a fraction of what good visa enforcement would achieve. As we’ve noted, most terrorists don’t enter this country from Mexico. They enter through JFK airport and the other legal ports of entry into the United States.

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