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By Jacob Katz

From either Jewish and non-Jewish viewpoints, this learn provides the constructing interrelationship among Jews and their Gentile setting from 1770 to 1870. It covers the upheaval of the French Revolution, the loosening of bonds among church and kingdom, and the information of the Enlightenment.

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Jewish Women in Fin de Siecle Vienna (Jewish History, Life and Culture)

Regardless of a lot examine of Viennese tradition and Judaism among 1890 and 1914, little learn has been performed to ascertain the function of Jewish girls during this milieu. Rescuing a misplaced legacy, Jewish girls in Fin de Si? cle Vienna explores the myriad ways that Jewish girls contributed to the improvement of Viennese tradition and took part generally in politics and cultural spheres.

The Jewish Dark Continent: Life and Death in the Russian Pale of Settlement

On the flip of the 20 th century, over 40 percentage of the world’s Jews lived in the Russian Empire, just about all within the faded of cost. From the Baltic to the Black Sea, the Jews of the light created a particular lifestyle little identified past its borders. This led the historian Simon Dubnow to label the territory a Jewish “Dark Continent.

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In addition, it was as­ sumed that this religion of reason was at the root of every histori­ cal religion. The assumption is clearly indicated by the wording of Anderson’s constitution. It expressed in unmistakable words the intention to ignore the differences of conflicting religious doc­ trines. Anderson was a Presbyterian, and other members of the lodge, adherents of other Christian denominations, apparently thought it proper that there should be, apart from the chapels and churches, a neutral place where they could meet on the basis of the religious minimum they had in common.

Thus, by a timely reaction to an acute problem, Mendelssohn proved his involvement with society. What is more, the literary composition of Phadon is an expression of Mendels­ sohn’s intellectual journey from the exclusively Jewish environ­ ment to European society. According to his own testimony in a Hebrew letter to his friend Naphtali Herz Wessely, he had origi­ nally intended to deal with the problem of the immortality of the soul in a Hebrew treatise based on a collection of Jewish sources.

Business transactions brought members of different communities into touch through corre­ spondence or personal contact. It was a typical feature of Jewish economic activity that it could rely on business connections with Jewish communities in even far-flung cities and countries. This pertains especially to the activity of the upper class, the bankers, court agents, and purveyors. The more humble businessmen, re­ tailers, and peddlers, even if they did not travel great distances or even go abroad, still visited in the neighborhood.

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