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By Edward J. Erickson

Overlaying the interval from 1878-1915, Ottomans and Armenians is an army historical past of the Ottoman military and the counterinsurgency campaigns it waged within the final days of the Ottoman empire. even if Ottomans have been one of the so much lively practitioners of counterinsurgency campaigning within the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, within the great literature to be had on counterinsurgency within the early twenty-first century, there's little or no scholarly research of ways Ottomans reacted to insurgency after which went approximately counterinsurgency. This booklet provides the thesis that the Ottoman executive constructed an evolving, 35-year, empire-wide array of counterinsurgency practices that diversified in scope and execution counting on the strategic value of the affected provinces.

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To establish communications for the transportation of men and arms. 11. ”49 The final part of the new program dealt with the organization of the party. 50 These committees would work in conjunction with each other and provide coordination and support to the movement. Like the Hunchaks, the vocabulary of the program was drenched in socialist and Marxist terminology, which alienated the shrinking Armenakan Party. And, while not particularly different from the Hunchak’s program, the Dashnak’s 1892 program highlighted the increasing radicalization of a violent element in the political development of the Armenian revolutionary parties.

The Ottoman parliament dissolved on January 15, 1912, and political campaigns began almost immediately. The CUP launched a manipulative campaign designed to take advantage of opposition weakness that also included intimidation and violence. 128 The tactics of the CUP troubled many Armenians, who already felt let down by the broken promises of the Young Turks. This led to a break between the ARF and the CUP. On May 5, 1912, the ARF presented a notice to the CUP officially severing relations to the Young Turks.

Now actively confronted by his own military, Sultan Abdülhamid II agreed, on July 23, 1908, to restore the 1876 Constitution. The CUP differed from the Armenian and Macedonian committees because it consisted not only of members of the imperial family, but also of serving professional army officers, both of whom wanted to reform a decaying system. It was not committed to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire but rather sought to preserve it. The CUP did not seek, at least at this moment in history, to create a nationalist identity and instead advocated westernization and modernization as the means to oppose the increasing interventions and influence of the European powers.

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