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By Elizabeth Minchin

The 9th assembly within the foreign Orality and Literacy within the historical international sequence - within the 50th yr because the booklet in 1960 of Albert Lord's The Singer of stories - took as its subject matter 'Composition and Performance'. This quantity features a collection of these papers, numerous of which illustrate methodologically leading edge methods to the act of composition, the character of functionality, and vocalization in textual content. into account are Homer, Hesiod, Plato, Isocrates, the orators of the second one Sophistic, and Proclus. Cross-cultural reports comprise, among others, South Slavic epic and a textual content from the Sanskrit archive.

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F [see above, n. ]). For further points, cf. van der Valk (:  n. ): “the side-action in ψ is not inconvenient, but aptly divides the scene into two parts”; Marks (: esp. –) suggests that another purpose of the passage is to ‘de-authorize’ other versions of Odysseus’ story, by suggesting and then denying the possibility of Odysseus’ exile, but that seems to me an over-reading of – ; cf. also Heubeck (: –). the audience expects: penelope and odysseus  term it that, directly reflects the poet’s technique and its origins in the context of performance, where it is not so much a question of what happens in the narrative (for the audience already knows that) but how that narrative happens.

Page (: –); also Merkelbach (: –, –). For the many and varied excisions (inter al. ), as follows:23 ς φ το, με δησεν δ πολ τλας δ ος Οδυσσε ς, α ψα δ Τηλ μαχον πεα πτερ εντα προση δα· Τηλ μαχ’, τοι μητ ρ’ ν μεγ ροισιν ασον πειρ ζειν μ εν· τ χα δ φρ σεται κα ρειον. ν ν δ’ ττι υπ ω, κακ δ χρο ε ματα ε μαι,  το νεκ’ τιμ ζει με κα ο π φησι τ ν ε ναι.  τ ν δ’ α τε προσ ειπε περ φρων Πηνελ πεια· δαιμ νι’, ο γ ρ τι μεγαλ ζομαι ο δ’ ερ ζω  ο δ λ ην γαμαι, μ λα δ’ ε ο δ’ ο ος ησ α ξ Ι κης π νη ς ν δολιχηρ τμοιο.

Princeton: Princeton University Press. Thornton, A. (). People and Themes in Homer’s Odyssey. Dunedin: Methuen. L. (). ’ CQ : –. von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, U. (). Die Heimkehr des Odysseus. Berlin: Weidmann. THE PRESENTATION OF SONG IN HOMER’S ODYSSEY * Deborah Beck Abstract This paper will argue that the main narrator of the Odyssey represents speech by bards differently from speech by any other kind of character, thereby marking their speech as fundamentally distinctive.

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