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By R. Terry Ellmore

This dictionary includes greater than 20,000 phrases standard in ads, satellite tv for pc communications, viewers size and different components of mass media. It contains definitions for brand new and modern applied sciences reminiscent of fibre optics.

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Advertising research The investigation of a product or service to assist in discovering its marketable characteristics. Page 14 Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) An association of advertisers, advertising agencies, advertising media, and media research representatives for the purpose of advancing advertising research methodology and maintaining research standards. The ARF publishes the bimonthly Journal of Advertising Research. advertising reserve An advertising budget fund established without a prior specification for its use, to be used subsequently for unanticipated contingencies.

A cross-referencing feature is the use of the words see, see also and Cf. (compare with) to aid the dictionary user in finding similar or dissimilar words. Entries are spelled in the way they are most often found in books, periodicals, indexes, and so on. Sometimes, however, a word was spelled an almost equal number of times in different forms. For example, close up, closeup, and close-up are nearly equal in usage, without regard to whether they were verbs, nouns, or other parts of speech. In those cases, an arbitrary decision was made as to which spelling to use.

Add-on edit See assemble edit. add-on module A discrete module in either hardware or software that extends the specified performance of a piece of equipment or a system. Cf. insert module. add-on sales Additional purchases made at the time merchandise is ordered, usually on recommendation. add-on service A request by a consumer to have his or her name added to a mailing list. address ·A label, name, or number identifying where data are located in computer RAM or ROM. · To locate information stored in a computer.

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