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By Roger Stone, Mike Colapietro

Learn the interior scoop on Watergate, the Ford Pardon, and the 18 ½ minute Gap.

Roger Stone, The ny Times bestselling writer of The guy Who Killed Kennedy—the Case opposed to LBJ, supplies the interior scoop on Nixon’s upward thrust and fall in Watergate in his new ebook Nixon’s secrets and techniques. Stone charts Nixon’s upward thrust from election to Congress in 1946 to the White condo in 1968 after his razor-thin loss to John Kennedy in 1960, his disastrous crusade for Governor of California in 1962 and the best comeback in American Presidential history.

“Just because the assassination of JFK prevents a balanced research of Kennedy and his occasions, the parable of Watergate prevents a reappraisal of our thirty seventh President.” stated Stone who’s e-book on LBJ was once the second one largest promoting ebook in the course of the fiftieth anniversary of Kennedy’s murder.

Stone finds how the Kennedy’s wiretapped Nixon’s resort room the evening earlier than the Nixon-Kennedy debate, and stole Nixon's clinical documents from his psychiatrist’s workplace. Stone lays out how Kennedy working mate Lyndon Johnson stole Texas from JFK via vote fraud whereas Mayor Richard Daley stole Illinois, and the way JFK really misplaced the preferred vote.

Stone appears to be like on the Nixon Presidency: the desegregation of the general public colleges, the revolutionary social courses, Nixon's fight to finish the conflict in Vietnam, the ancient SALT palms aid contract with Russia, the saving of Israel within the Six Days struggle, the hole to China, and the disastrous choice to take the United States off the Gold standard.

“The mainstream media’s interpretation of the proof surrounding the Watergate episode are a wonderful and ugly distortion of old truth,” acknowledged Stone. “Cursory exam of the evidence in Watergate will show that the activities which brought on the autumn of Nixon can't be diminished to the simplistic account summarized by way of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post.”

The writer outlines how White residence assistance John Dean, deliberate, driven and covered-up the Watergate break-in , then sought to prevent accountability for it. Stone examines the bungled Watergate break-in to figure out what precisely Nixon’s brokers have been trying to find and the way the CIA infiltrated the burglar crew and sabotaged the break-in to achieve leverage over Nixon. discover why Nixon demanded the CIA flip over the documents of the Bay of Pigs and Kennedy Assassination.

Learn how a cabal of army and intelligence hard-liners spied on and
undermined Nixon to prevent his pro-peace détente international coverage, his withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, his palms quandary contract with the Soviets, and his beginning to purple China. observe how vice chairman Spiro Agnew was once setup to maneuver him out of the road of presidential succession.

Stone makes the compelling case that basic Alexander Haig orchestrated Nixon’s elimination from workplace in a coup d’état and brokered the deal for his pardon. eventually the general public will study what's at the 18 ½ minute hole within the White condominium Tapes.

Stone, a Washington Insider for 40 years, outlines why FBI guy Mark Felt isn't deep throat, why there is not any deep throat, and why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein lie approximately it even today.

Stone unearths how Nixon used the darkish secrets and techniques he knew to prevent prosecution by means of blackmailing Gerald Ford for a whole, loose and unconditional pardon. Nixon’s mystery wouldn't purely smash his presidency—it might keep him from legal and make allowance him to release his ultimate comeback—advising President invoice Clinton on international Affairs regardless of Hillary’s makes an attempt to dam him and her being fired from the 1974 condominium Impeachment Committee for mendacity and violating Nixon’s rights.

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Nixon’s Secrets may prove that he was not the man you think he was. He was an excellent poker player, ringing up enough winnings while running a “friendly game” in the navy to bankroll his initial congressional campaign. He liked a drink or two, as we shall see. As the procurement officer for his naval battalion, his greatest talent was in acquiring alcohol at a makeshift hamburger stand, where he gave both hooch and grub away. He was immensely popular with his men. Nixon, Kennedy, and Johnson would all stray from the marital bed, although the sexual appetites of JFK and his running mate were more voracious than Nixon’s.

Beyond these authors as well as many others, I am indebted to Craig Shirley, Michael Caputo, former Reader’s Digest Washington Editor Bill Schulz, Jeffrey S. Bell, Douglas Caddy, Ed Cox, Scott and Sonia Kaiser, John Taylor, Andrew Cettina, Travis Irvine, Sharon Kaplan, Dianne Thorne, Robert Morrow, William Maloney, and Roger Ailes. I am indebted to our publisher Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing, a man of uncommon courage, my editors Steve Price and Krishan Trotman, and of course, my coauthor Mike Colapietro, who labored without complaint to make our deadlines.

He was most definitely an internationalist and favored an aggressive foreign policy that was held in disdain by the isolationist GOP old guard. His successful nailing of Communist spy and New Deal darling Alger Hiss brought him national name identification, a large and fervent national base, and popularity among grassroots conservative Republicans. In fact, Nixon was a centrist who still believed the center of gravity within the Republican Party was in the center/left as late as 1960. Nixon’s concessions to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller on the platform (referred to as the Munich of the Republican Party by Senator Barry Goldwater)16 and Nixon’s unfortunate selection of liberal Republican Henry Cabot Lodge in 1960 and his capitulation to Rockefeller on the party platform both proved this point.

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