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The operation of a cold source may also be advantageous as the required refrigerating power is less than for a steady-state high-flux reactor. NEUTRON SCATTERING—GENERAL INTRODUCTION Linear accelerator H" ion source 19 Stripper \ / 70 MeV H~ Proton synchrotron 800 MeV protons to spoliation targets Neutron scattering source Polyethylene / moderator -^V n Target Fig. 8. Schematic arrangement for production of a pulsed neutron beam by spallation. C. , charged particles or y radiation which are subsequently detected with an ionization chamber or by scintillation devices.

STl^-äTi <17) whereas the incoherent scattering cross section is tfinc = 4π{|5Ρ - |δ|2} = 4π | ^ _ | g( + ) _ î ( _ ) ( 2 (18) Table II gives these values of b and ainc for single isotopes. For natural elements with several different stable isotopes with individual coherent scattering lengths b^ the measured b is the appropriate average over all isotopes, and the same applies for the spin-incoherent cross section. , 4 π { | ^ | 2 - \b^2} in the incoherent cross section. This term, which corresponds to the well-known diffuse Laue scattering in alloys relates here to a random "alloy" of isotopes.

Core and reflector tank layout of the high flux reactor at the Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France. 5 1 2 5 10 20 Wavelength (Â) _l_ 10 10"' 10"' 10" 10" Energy (eV) Fig. 5. Differential neutron flux as a function of wavelength for different moderators at the high flux reactor of the ILL. ] NEUTRON SCATTERING—GENERAL INTRODUCTION 75 d2<5>th/dQ άλ for a thermal moderator and the two smaller moderators placed inside the thermal moderator to produce "cold" and "hot" neutrons. The "hot source" (Böhme ei ai, 1972) is a graphite cylinder 20 cm in diameter which reaches a temperature of about 2000 K by nuclear heating during normal reactor operation (57 MW thermal power).

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