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By Susan B. O'Sullivan, Raymond P. Siegelman

Chapters 1-14

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Estrogen, calcitonin, and biophosphonares. g. Diagnostic tests utilized: CT scan to assess bony density. Single and dual photon absorptiometry are aJso used, but very expensive. h. Clinical examination will assist in confirmjng diagnosis. i. Physical therapy goals, outcomes, and interventions. (l) Joinr/bone protection strategies. (2) Maintainlimprove joint mechanics and connective tissue functions. (3) Implementation of aerobic capacity/ endurance conditioning or reconditioning such as aquatic programs.

Clinical examination will assist in confrrming diagnosis. Specific special tests are available to assist with making diagnosis within each region/joint. g. Physical therapy goals, outcomes, and interventions. (I) Implementation of flexibility exercises to maintain/improve normal joint motion and length of muscles. (2) Implementation of manual therapy for maintenance of normal joint mechanics. (a) Soft tissue/massage techniques and joint oscillations to reduce pain and/or muscle guarding. (b) Biomechanical faults caused by joint restrictions should be corrected with joint mobilization to the specific restrictions identified during the examination.

I) Identifies abnormal femoral antetorsion angle. (2) Patient prone with knee flexed to 90°. Palpate greater trochanter and slowly move hip through internal/external rotation. When greater trochanter feels most lateral, stop and measure the angle of leg relative to a line perpendicular with table surface. (3) Based on findings patient may have an anteverted or retroverted hip. Normal angle is betweeIl8°~15° hip internal rotation. Less than 8° indicates a retroverted hip and greater than 15° indicates an anteverted hip.

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