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By Robert Kennedy

Health Tech items, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. step by step consultant to taping and wrapping for the prevention and care of athletic accidents. cord spiral binding. Illustrated. For activities physicians, actual therapists, running shoes, coaches, and chiropractors.

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These strips should be applied before the closures. - Do not apply the tape too tight as it is easy to cut off circulation. \ 110 III THUMB-HYPEREXTENSION SUPPORT THUMB-HYPEREXTENSION SUPPORT z EJ o ...... , z EJ o...... , VJ Q o o ::r: 112 113 THUMB HYPEREXTENSION (CHECKREIN) THUMB HYPEREXTENSION (CHECKREIN) r PURPOSE: - To prevent hyperextension ofthe thumb. SIDE VIEW SUPPLIES: - tuf-skinspray - 1"whiteadhesivetape IMPORTANT TEACHING POINTS: SKIN PREPARATION AND BODY POSITIONING - Position the thumb in a functional pain-free range ofextension ( See Diagram A).

Spray the entire calf& thigh with tuf-skin. - Apply a lubricated heel & lace pad to the back ofthe knee to prevent irritation ( See Diagram B ). - Secure the heel & lace pad with uriderwrap startingjust above the calfand finishing mid-thigh. - Position the limb by placing a roll of 1 1/2" white adhesive tape under the athlete's heel (See Diagram A). - Have the athlete internally rotate his or her lower leg so that the toes face inward. ANCHORS 62 - Apply two or three 3" elastic tape anchors to the upper thigh and overlap each one by halfthe width ofthe tape.

Travel downwards ( See Diagram E) and around the thigh. ) HIP FLEXOR-GROIN WRAP 8 • • / I / I / / I I / I I I I I I I 88 • 89 CHAPTER FIVE SHOULDER-AC JOINT PROTECTION PURPOSE: - To provide support and protection to an acromio clavicular ( AC )joint. SHOULDER-AC JOINT PROTECTION SHOULDER-SPICA WRAP SHOULDER-PREVENT ANTERIOR DISLOCATION SU PPlI ES: - tuf-skin spray _ felt or adhesive foam ( 1/2" thick) (SanSplint is optional ) - 3" elastic tape - heel & lace pads - 2" elastic tape - I 1/2"whiteadhesivetape - band-aids ( 2 knuckle) - skin lubricant IMPORTANT TEACHING POINTS: SKIN PREPARATION AND BODY POSITIONING - Shave the area around the chest and ann prior to taping.

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