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By Bill Sammon

A riveting portrait of President Bush as he broadens the warfare on terror in another country -- and plunges into high-stakes political battles at domestic "They misunderestimated me," George W. Bush famously remarked at the eve of his ancient presidency. Fractured syntax apart, Bush used to be correct: his detractors misunderstood his entice the yankee public, and underestimated his huge political talents. during this compelling new ebook, invoice Sammon finds how the president is popping those misperceptions to his virtue within the looming showdown with John Kerry and the Bush haters. As senior White condominium correspondent for the Washington occasions, Sammon has been granted remarkable entry to the president and his closest confidants, from political professionals Karl Rove and Andy Card to overseas coverage advisers Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. the result's a compelling chronicle of the second one eighteen months of George W. Bush's time period, because the administration's concentration shifts from al Qaeda and Afghanistan to Iraq and the 2004 election. Sammon's on-the-scene reporting and unique interviews with the president and his best advisers display how the White home is imposing the main profound shift in U.S. overseas coverage in additional than part a century, prompting an eminent Democratic historian to rank Bush along John Quincy Adams and Franklin Delano Roosevelt as considered one of America's "grand" strategists. For the 1st time, Sammon discloses the president's vow that Kerry will "regret" bad-mouthing the liberation of Iraq, the seminal occasion within the post-9/11 part of the Bush presidency. Rove even info for Sammon the White residence technique to paint Kerry as a condescending elitist whose "blatant" makes an attempt to capitalize on his Vietnam adventure will finally come again to hang-out him. Misunderestimated additionally meticulously tracks the increase of the Bush haters, a anxious political phenomenon that colours every thing from the conflict on terrorism to the presidential crusade. The effect extends to the click, which Sammon exposes for racing to model Operation Iraqi Freedom one other Vietnam "quagmire" below eighteen months after making a similar blunder in the course of the Afghan warfare. In Misunderestimated, Sammon takes readers contained in the Oval place of work for old judgements of conflict and peace, aboard Air strength One for a bold, shock descent into Baghdad, or even on an intimate journey of Bush's loved Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas. it is a captivating account of a president decided to not repeat his father's basic errors -- leaving behind Iraq and failing to conquer the Democrats.

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That was fine with Saddam, who divorced her and married his mistress. The moral bankruptcy of Saddam’s personal life was matched only by the financial bankruptcy of his country. The ten-year war with Iran had left Iraq flat broke. Saddam owed billions to Gulf states for loans they had extended during the fighting. But instead of repaying these loans, he now demanded they be forgiven. Furthermore, he called on his neighbors to pony up tens of billions more for Iraqi reconstruction. The Gulf states refused and—adding insult to injury—drove down the price of Iraqi oil by exceeding their own production quotas, which had been set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

His prospects for advancement in the new government seemed limited. In short, Saddam’s colleagues underestimated him. They badly misjudged his staying power, his ruthless determination to murder his way to the top. Before long, Saddam was vice president of what had become a Stalinist dictatorship that ruled through terror and purges, torture and show trials. Saddam mercilessly hunted down Jews, Kurds, Shiites, ethnic Iranians, communists, and even fellow Baathists who were suspected of insufficient party fervor.

So he went to Paris, where Chirac gave him a personal tour of France’s nuclear research center. The Frenchman, whose devotion to Baghdad had earned him the nickname “Jacques Iraq,” agreed to sell Saddam several nuclear reactors that would be capable of turning uranium into weapons-grade plutonium. France was the only Western nation not to challenge the laughable claim by Iraq—a nation sitting on a sea of oil—that it needed the nuclear reactors to produce electricity. Not even Saddam pretended that was true.

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