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By I. A. Parinov

This booklet offers a complete presentation of every kind of HTSC and incorporates a extensive evaluation on HTSC machine simulations and modeling. Especial cognizance is dedicated to the Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O households that this day are the main viewpoint for functions. The ebook incorporates a nice variety of illustrations and references. The monograph is addressed to scholars, post-graduate scholars and experts, playing the advance, guidance and studying of recent materials.

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6b). The experiment by Meissner and Ochsenfeld [693] showed that the superconductor is not only an ideal conductor. They revealed that at T < Tc the field inside a superconducting specimen was always zero (B = 0) in the presence of an external field, independent of which a procedure has been chosen to cool the superconductor below Tc . , ratio of magnetization to magnetic field) and stating zero field inside itself. So, if condition B = 0 is independent of the specimen’s history, the zero induction can be treated as an intrinsic property of the superconducting state at H < Hcm .

Thus, optimal Tc is reached at the boundary of the region with prevalence of the phase alignment and region with prevalence of the coupling interaction. In the same year, based on tunneling measurements, Mourachkine provided evidence that the quasiparticle peaks in tunneling spectra of Bi-2212 crystals are caused by condensed soliton-like excitations, which form the Cooper pairs [734–736]. In 2002, Cui proposed a possible responsibility for superconductivity of relativistic attraction of electrons.

Assume that before a superconducting body goes into the intermediate state, the maximum field at its surface (in the case of a sphere, at the equator) is Hm , and the external field far away from the body is H. Then, it is obvious that, on the one hand, Hm > H and, on the other hand, Hm is proportional to H with the proportionality factor dependent on the exact shape of the body. It can be written in the form Hm = H/(1 − n). 5. 5, it is possible to calculate the field H corresponding to the transition into the intermediate state for a body of a certain shape.

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