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By De Mateus Azevedo

During this groundbreaking paintings, award-winning Brazilian journalist Azevedo offers a frank and aim account of ways the label of fundamentalism might be utilized to non secular and secular 'faiths' alike. within the twenty first century, passionate and emotional attachment to a unmarried standpoint, and the rejection of all others, has develop into one of many major social, political, and non secular concerns, resulting in conflicts around the world.

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Saint Augustine1 Fundamentalist interpretations of religion tend to disproportionately highlight the differences between faiths. However, Christianity and Islam share many things in common, even if fundamentalists are not willing to admit this fact. e. they believe in one God; both belong to the same Abrahamic category of religions, which also includes Judaism; both believe in the immortality of the soul, in the rewards or punishments in the afterlife, according to the merits or demerits achieved in this life; both believe in the reality of prayer as a method of communicating with God; both believe in moral law; both believe in the importance of the practice of the virtues, especially humility and generosity, and many other common aspects which the fundamentalist approach tends to overlook.

Terrorism is not jihād; nor is it a jihād if the battle is for one’s personal glory or benefit, or even a combat caused by mere hatred, whether ethnic or ideological. The Koran says: “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. Lo! God loves not aggressors” (2:190). One has also to take into consideration the fact that Islam was born in the desert, among non-sedentary tribes. The Companions of the Prophet (whose role is analogous to the Apostles in Christianity) established and propagated both a religion and an empire.

O Mary! Be obedient to thy Lord, prostrate thyself and bow with those who bow in worship” (3:42-43). A hadīth places Mary besides Abraham in Paradise because she has had the privilege of being the receptacle of the Holy Spirit (Rūh Allāh). See in this respect Frithjof Schuon, Form and Substance in the Religions, especially the chapter “The Virginal Doctrine”. 4 39 Chapter 5 The Message of Islam The best friends of Muslims are those who say “We are Christians”. Koran 5:82 Fundamentalist Islam often presents the religion in a distorted manner and gives the false impression that Islam encourages violence.

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