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By Paul Crowther, Isabel Wünsche

Traditional paintings is predicated on conventions of resemblance among the paintings and that which it's a illustration "of". summary artwork, by contrast, both adopts replacement modes of visible illustration or reconfigures mimetic conference. This ebook explores the relation of summary artwork to nature (taking nature within the broadest sense―the global of recognisable items, creatures, organisms, approaches, and states of affairs).

Abstract paintings takes many alternative kinds, yet there are shared key structural positive aspects headquartered on uncomplicated family members to nature. the 1st abstracts from nature, to provide chosen elements of it a brand new and intensely unexpected visual appeal. the second one affirms a usual creativity that concerns in new, independent kinds that aren't restricted by means of mimetic conventions. (Such creativity is usually attributed to the facility of the unconscious.)

The publication covers 3 different types: classical modernism (Mondrian, Malevich, Kandinsky, Arp, early American abstraction); post-war abstraction (Pollock, nonetheless, Newman, Smithson, Noguchi, Arte Povera, Michaux, postmodern developments); and the wider old and philosophical scope.

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21 Schoenmaekers provided Mondrian with specific examples from nature through “conceptual representations” (begripsvoorstellingen), which are (“plastic”) mathematical figures explaining the conceptual basis of natural phenomena, and through so-called “life words,” which emphasize the reflexive, speculative dimension of the Dutch language. The circle or sphere for Schoenmaekers is such a figure, which occurs very often in nature in more or less perfect shape. Dissect this circle into content and expression.

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