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By Jean-Pierre Barral DO (UK) MRO F), Alain Croibier DO MRO (F)

Classically, manipulations of the skull deal with the sutures, the membranes and the circulate of cerebral spinal fluid. the correct functioning of those components calls for not just the mechanical concord of the craniosacral approach, yet is predicated additionally at the alternate of data equipped round proprioceptors, baroreceptors and chemoreceptors. those receptors are super delicate. it's the anxious process -cranial nerves and the autonomic apprehensive procedure - which transports this intelligence. Neural dysfunctions have, as a result the power to disturb the elemental parts of the first respiration mechanism. fullyyt new, unique and abundantly illustrated, this publication is an important consultant with which to imagine and get to grips with the cranial nerves. it's going to train the practitioner manipulations of this smooth neural method in addition to new thoughts which allow one to affect the main valuable a part of the skull: the mind.

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1 Perineural currents In contrast to neurons, which achieve their connections point by point, the perineural Functional pathology of cranial nerves system communicates by criss-crossing the body. This type of communication relies on the perturbations of a continuous current and is of increasing interest to scientists. It appears that all tissues of the body are bathed by a permanent and continuous electrical influence, generated by the perineural current. The currents behave like liquid crystals: that is to say, like structures of variable conductivity.

They do not follow a straight course, but rather wrap and surround the nerve in a vascular web. The manipulation of the nerve then has the effect of smoothing out the vessels. The best example of this arrangement is the ophthalmic artery, which surrounds the optic nerve. Its various branches deliver Evaluation and treatment of cranial nerves vessels to the ethmoid, ciliary body and muscles of the eye. Regional effects Neuro-encephalic techniques • the meninges • the sutures • the intraneural pressure; we are not able to provide proof but, subjectively, we feel a general intracranial release, as if the skull “softens” • the brain: areas of high density and areas of venous congestion • the cranial nerves: their roots and intracranial course.

In order to unblock it, you can stretch and release the tube several times, or compress and release it at the level of the obstacle. The play of apply- ing and letting off pressure can free the obstacle through the effect of aspiration. We can use the same system for a nerve; little by little, the hardened intraneural zone area is released. Musculo-tegumentary techniques The musculo-tegumentary techniques consist of mobilizing the cranial nerve ending in relation to the integuments and muscles that protect it and within which it lies.

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