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Managing the Effective Use of Equipment Super Series, Fifth Edition (Super Series)

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A book of engineers' tables gives the correct sizes, but here are a few of the most commonly used: Thread (Whitworth) 1 in. -Is- in. tin. ts- in. ~ 4 . l1l • Size of hole for tapping. Drill 11 (0·191) .. D (0·246) .. N (0·302) .. S (0·348) .. ts- in. Taps are usually in sets of three. The first is more tapered than the other two and it is used to cut a fairly shallow thread at the top of the hole. Insert the tap, apply a little oil and affix the wrench. This is a bar flattened in the middle and punched with a hole to fit the square top of the tap.

The valve stem slides in a guide and a spring closes the valve when the cam no longer forces it open. In some engines the valves are placed side by side in a part of the cylinder casting, and in others they are in the cylinder head. A great deal of the efficiency of an engine depends upon the valves, for unless they are really gas-tight some of the compression is lost and the engine cannot develop its full power. Attached to the engine crankshaft is a gear-wheel which meshes with another on a shaft.

3. When a wheel glazes it is an indication that it is too hard. If it wears rapidly it is too soft. 4. As a wheel wears down, its speed should be increased, otherwise it may appear to be s6ft towards the centre. 5. The work rest should be close to the wheel face to prevent the work from catching between the wheel and the rest. 6. Keep the wheel true by using a dressing tool or diamond. 7. Never force work against a cold wheel as the sudden heating may cause the wheel to break. THE WORKSHOP 39 8.

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