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By Ira Katznelson

This e-book is a profoundly relocating and analytically incisive try to shift the phrases of dialogue in American politics. It speaks to the highbrow and political weaknesses in the liberal culture that experience placed the U.S. on the mercy of libertarian, authoritarian populist, nakedly racist, and traditionalist elitist types of the right-wing; and it seeks to spot assets which may movement the left clear of the surprised highbrow incoherence with which it has met the dying of Bolshevism. In Ira Katznelson's view, american citizens are squandering a massive moral and political chance to redefine and reorient the liberal culture. In a gap essay and notable letters addressed to Adam Michnik, who's arguably East Europe's emblematic democratic highbrow, Katznelson seeks to get well this possibility.

By reading matters that when occupied Michnik's fellow dissidents within the Warsaw crew referred to as the Crooked Circle, Katznelson brings a clean realism to outdated beliefs and posits a liberalism that "stares challenging" at cruelty, affliction, coercion, and tyrannical abuses of kingdom energy. just like the participants of Michnik's membership, he acknowledges that the circumference of liberalism's circle by no means runs soft and that tolerance calls for tremendous tricky judgments. Katznelson's first letter explores how the virtues of socialism, together with its ethical stand on social justice, might be relating to liberalism whereas overcoming debilitating elements of the socialist inheritance. the second one asks even if liberalism can realize, enjoy, and deal with human distinction. located within the lineage of efforts via Richard Hofstadter, C. Wright turbines, and Lionel Trilling to "thicken" liberalism, those letters additionally draw on own event within the radical politics of the Sixties and within the dissident tradition of East and principal Europe within the years instantly previous communism's death. Liberalism's Crooked Circle may perhaps support foster a sizeable debate within the American elections of 1996 and verify the contents of that desperately wanted dialogue.

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In my local culture this region was, and is, associated with catastrophe. It belongs to the mourned past. ” To the extent, moreover, that I had associated the region with current events, I had considered it something of an anomalous annoyance. ” Though the question was serious, most of the time it was deployed mischievously as a debater’s ploy, and it felt unfair. After all, like most other Americans on the left to whom it was directed, I thought “actually existing socialism” a sour caricature of our aspirations and an outstanding impediment to their realization.

Matynia, “A Michnik Reader,” 1988, p. 3. Even if we discount for hyperbole, it is clear that today Michnik, who now edits Poland’s leading newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza, no longer is such a universal hero. After his break with Walesa and his continuing pursuit of compromise during and after the Roundtable discussions that produced the transition to post-Communism under the banner “For amnesty . . against amnesia,” and his crafting of human relations with such old enemies as Jaruzelski and even Kiszczak, Michnik has emerged as a more contentious, controversial, figure.

30 When Timothy Garton Ash surveyed the first nine months of East European 18 I N T RODUC T ION sion about liberalism’s future: its thin doctrine makes it vulnerable to less austere convictions; reciprocally, its own commitments have made it compatible with ugly exclusions and deep inequalities. If it is absurd to envision a normatively appealing politics not grounded in liberalism’s political premises, we must guard against a haughty, self-enclosed liberalism. For the past four centuries, after all, the applicability of liberalism’s promise has been contained by what until very recently was thought to be the lack of requisite character by the vast majority of humanity, including Europe’s women, non-Christians, and the unpropertied, and virtually all the world’s population with dark skins; and by its silences about state power and inequalities of condition fostered routinely by the operation of capitalist economies.

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