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By Andrew Kernohan

Liberal political philosophy emphasizes some great benefits of club in a cultural staff and, within the opinion of this tough new ebook, neglects its damaging, oppressive features. Andrew Kernohan argues that an oppressive tradition perpetuates inegalitarian social meanings and fake assumptions approximately who's entitled to what. Cultural pollutants factors a damage to primary pursuits in self-respect and information of the great that's diffuse, insidious, and left out. This damage is comparable to environmental toxins, and even though tough to become aware of, is still simply as genuine. The book's end is liberal nation devoted to the ethical equality of folks needs to settle for a powerful position in reforming our cultural surroundings.

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But people are frequently mistaken in the good they pursue; their lives would go better if they pursued some other good. If the state coerced them into living their lives in a better way, what would be wrong with that? There is some cost associated with the discomfort of being coerced, but this might well be balanced out by the benefits of pursuing the right sort of ends. On the face of it, benevolent despotism need not harm people's highest interests, but instead may be beneficial. What, then, is wrong with coercive state paternalism?

In a sexist culture, for example, both men and women might believe, openly or tacitly, the general proposition that a woman's interests are less important than a man's. To the liberal, this socially transmitted, general belief is false. So on my account of cultural oppression, both men and women are oppressed by a sexist culture. However, it is still important to point out that men and women are not oppressed in the same way. There is an important difference of perspective. Only a woman in this culture will have the indexical belief that her interests are less important than a man's.

25 Implicit conditioning enculturates a woman into false beliefs about her worth, her value, and her place in the world. In making these false beliefs seem natural, it makes it extremely difficult for her to discover their 15 Equality, Tolerance, and Cultural Oppression falsity. In emphasizing the way implicit conditioning makes inequality natural Galbraith is echoing writers on the oppression of women. Sherwin writes: Although feminism values the authority of personal experience, many feminists do not accept that woman's denial that she has experienced oppression refutes the reality of that oppression.

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