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By Christopher Wolfe, J Brian Benestad, Gerard V. Bradley, Robert P. George, Terry Hall, John Hittinger, Jack Wade Nowlin, Michael Pakaluk, Joseph R. Reiser, David M. Wagner, Celia Wolf-Devine, R George Wright

Liberalism on the Crossroads deals succinct, available, and well-written surveys of the tips of the prime members within the modern philosophical debate approximately liberalism.

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Track[ing] its consequences for abstract legal theory and then for a series of concrete cases arising under the common law, statutes, and the Constitution” (p. viii). Its systematic character precludes excessively detailed examination of specific points (for which Dworkin refers his readers to A Matter of Principle). ”~ It represents a movement in Dworkin’s work from writing in which the center of gravity is specifically legal theory to writing that focuses on broader moral and political philosophy.

21. Rawls, Political Liberalism, 16ff. 22. The element of “faith’ and “hope” is important in Rawls’s philosophy. ” Thus, it is common in Rawls and his disciples to speak in phrases such as the following from Sam Freeman’s introduction to his Collected Papers: “It is a career guided by a reasonable faith that a just society is realistically possible”(xii). Note also that, in spite of the rhetoric, political liberalism is not infinitely tolerant and plastic to alternative points of view. It is prepared, sooner or later, to find a view at odds with itself to be “unreasonable” and therefore undeserving of consideration.

This ability is an important part of our more general ability to treat others with respect, and it is therefore a prerequisite of civilization. Integrity as a distinct political virtue provides a basis for recognizing legal rights, for it justifies a commitment to consistency in principle for its own sake. Dworkin finds in our instinctive rejection of “checkerboard solutions” (arbitrary internal compromises, such as compromise on abortion that would allow it for pregnant women born in even years but not for those born in odd years) evidence that integrity is recognized as a virtue in our political life.

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