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By Peter J Carroll

A whole, complicated magical education direction for the person or for teams, with information of the author's magical order, an summary for establishing a temple, and directions for accomplishing the basic rituals of Chaos Magic. contains a clean examine aeonics, cosmogenesis, auric magic, and shadow time, in addition to discloses the technical points of spells and equations. Illustrated. Appendices. References.

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The ether from some phenomenon can couple with a mental image of that phen omenon and modify it to provide divinatory information. These five principles constitute the minimum hypothesis required to describe both the ubiquity of the physical laws of the universe and their apparent occasional violation by chaotic and magi cal events. At the same time the five principles imply a realistic limitation on the power and variety of esoteric effects. while confirming that the universe itself is a magical phenoffi@non.

A subsequent moment may have a different future due to the effects of indeterminacy. For this reason one should, where possible, "Enchant Long and Divine Short. ~ Enchantments cast well in advance have a greater chance to modify sequences of probability in one's favor, while divinations will give better results if perfonTled for the near rather than the far future whose manifestation is more subject to indeterminate chaotic occurrences. " The etheric pattern associated with any phenomenon can be re garded as its spirit; although it should not be credited with knowledge or powers beyond those possessed by the phenomenon itself.

Lt allowed life to develop? lrbitrary constant&--like lightspeed or the ratios of the forces or particle masses that specify the behavior of matter-are changed by one part in a million, the whole thing falls apart. IOd hence biology are impossible. 18 . U8ER KAOS Perhaps conditions conducive to the devel opment of life in this universe prevail because a universe with life in it has a greater range of possible futures than one without. These multitudes of possible futures may reflect back their own complex conjugate waves encouraging the very conditions that make them possible.

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