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By Yulij Ilyashenko, Sergei Yakovenko

The publication combines the positive aspects of a graduate-level textbook with these of a learn monograph and survey of the hot effects on research and geometry of differential equations within the genuine and complicated area. As a graduate textbook, it contains self-contained, occasionally significantly simplified demonstrations of a number of primary effects, which formerly seemed in simple terms in magazine guides (desingularization of planar analytic vector fields, life of analytic separatrices, optimistic and adverse effects at the Riemann-Hilbert challenge, Ecalle-Voronin and Martinet-Ramis moduli, resolution of the Poincare challenge at the measure of an algebraic separatrix, etc.). As a study monograph, it explores in a scientific manner the algebraic decidability of neighborhood class difficulties, pressure of holomorphic foliations, and so on. every one part ends with a suite of difficulties, partially meant to aid the reader to realize knowing and event with the cloth, in part drafting demonstrations of the newer effects surveyed within the textual content. The exposition of the ebook is generally geometric, notwithstanding the algebraic facet of the buildings can also be prominently featured. On numerous events the reader is brought to adjoining components, similar to intersection concept for divisors at the projective airplane or geometric thought of holomorphic vector bundles with meromorphic connections. The e-book presents the reader with the important instruments of the fashionable thought of analytic differential equations and intends to function a typical resource for references during this region.

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29) We will use this notation in the following sections° One of the most important properties of the relative cohomology spaces is the long exact sequence of cohomology. ~ o'" HP(~; g~ Np+l - F ~ HP( ~ _ \ F ; (~) (30) ( g ; 6v) A pair ~ m o d ¢O (>) ~ HP-I( ~. , ~' ~(ioeo =~Ui}iEl' I'C I). 55 Let (~, ~[') be such a pair° A p-cochain coefficients in CY ? oo,ipe ~(Ui0~ Uil~ oo. i I, .... lj, . , ik, • . o. o,, 10, l I .... , ip e I' (~) (31) (32) the space of p-cochains of with coefficients in ~ .

Math. , 33 (1959), 38-46. 4O [28'] M. Morimoto, Sur les ultradistributions cohomologiques, Ann. Inst~ Fourier, 19 (1969), 129-153. [29] M. Morimoto, Sur la d@composition du faisceau des germes de singularit@s d'hyperfonctions, J. Fac. , Univ. l, 1 7 (1970), 215-239. [30] F. Riesz, Uber die Randwerte einer analytischen Funktion, Math. , 18 (1922), 87-95. [31] M. Riesz, Sur les fonctions conjugu@es, Math. , 27 (1927), 218-244. [32] M. Sato, On a generalization of the concept of functions, Proc. , 34 (1958), 126-130 and 604-608.

J .... o cP-I(~, ~[,; ~ ) = ¢ , then the space (>). cP+l(~, ~'~ ~ ~ ~ c p ( ~ ' ~,; ~ ) } HP(%~, ~'; ~ ) cohomology space of the covering HP(~; ~ ~ (34) is reduced to the p-th with coefficients in ~, We can now state Leray's theorem for relative cohomology spaces, which generalizes the isomorphism (29). Theorem 6. D ~O o If Let ~ (~, ~') and ~ be two open sets of Cn such that is a relative Stein covering of ~ m o d e , we have the following isomorphism: HP(~-mod~; ~) = HP(~, ~ ; ~)o (35) 56 Remark.

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