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By Bobby Jindal

Tested by way of Fire

Bobby Jindal has been established as few politicians have. And from the Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe to storm Katrina, he’s proven an stunning skill to overcome the percentages (and beat the bureaucrats) to get issues done.

Then back, Jindal isn't your average baby-kisser. The son of Indian immigrants, a Christian convert from Hinduism, and a Rhodes student, Jindal presided over Louisiana’s healthcare method at age 24, headed the collage of Louisiana method at 27, grew to become a U.S. congressman at 33, and was once elected governor of Louisiana at 36.

Throughout his meteoric profession, Jindal has handled many of the worst crises of our instances, from traditional failures in his domestic kingdom to out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C. His mystery: the commonsense recommendations that bureaucrats (and politicians) forget about in desire of government–as–usual.
In Leadership and Crisis, Jindal finds:

How the Obama management spent an excessive amount of time caring approximately public notion and never sufficient on truly combating the oil
How the government truly impeded Louisiana’s efforts to stem the flood of oil
Why the bureaucratic incompetence in the course of storm Katrina was once even worse than you know
How Bobby Jindal took on Louisiana’s notorious tradition of corruption
His personal trip from Hinduism to Christianity, from scholar at Oxford to Governor of Louisiana, from coverage wonk to fast midwife whilst he needed to convey his 3rd baby himself

Filled with behind–the–scenes tales from the oil–slicked seashores of Louisiana to the corridors of strength within the U.S. Capitol, Leadership and Crisis bargains an insider’s view into one of many worst environmental failures our country has suffered—and into essentially the most exact good fortune tales of yank politics.

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During our second meeting together, Hayward came to my office, and he had a very specific mission: he wanted me to sign off on the use of subsea dispersants, chemicals that would disperse the oil near where the leak was occurring. I had no real authority here. BP could do this with the approval of the Coast Guard. But he wanted legal cover, so he pressed me to sign off on it. I said I first wanted him to show me the science that the dispersants would not have adverse affects on the Gulf. When I expressed to him the need for us to build sand berms along the coast to help keep the oil out of the marshes, he was completely dismissive.

But before the photographers arrived, Florida Governor Charlie Crist edged me out of the way. I was happy to yield the ground. Billy was honest and open in his views on the failure of the federal government to adequately respond to the situation. At one point he had a conversation with Coast Guard Rear Admiral Mary Landry who was upset about his criticisms and asked him to tone them down in the meeting with the president. She said he was criticizing thousands of people in the Coast Guard, but Billy told her he was only criticizing her.

But the fact that they took forever to give him an answer and encouraged him to believe that the plan would be approved was ridiculous. It was enormously frustrating, and it was becoming a pattern. The federal government didn’t have an adequate plan, but kept stopping us from acting. Every time one of our requested defense measures was not provided by the federal government, we came up with an alternative—just to have those alternatives get shot down. The federal government seemed often more concerned about process than results.

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