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By P. F. Clarke

Why used to be there a Liberal govt in Britain from 1905 until eventually the 1st international conflict? And why was once the Liberal social gathering changed through the Labour get together so almost immediately afterwards? those are the categories of difficulties which Dr Clarke examines in his learn of the Liberal revival in Lancashire. The vote in north-west England was once principally chargeable for bringing the Liberal govt into energy and for conserving its place, however it additionally produced virtually part the recent Labour MP's in 1906. therefore any passable interpretation of electoral historical past within the early 20th century needs to account for what occurred in Lancashire. This booklet calls into query the various traditional assumptions approximately British politics within the past due 19th and early 20th centuries.

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U. Minutes, 14 August 1901. See Simon, A Century of City Government, pp. 395-401; cf. Webb, Our Partnership, p. 162; Chorley, Manchester Made Them, pp. 139-40. , p. 9; Read, Cobden and Bright, p. 11; Davies, North Country Bred, p. 88; Chorley, op. cit. pp. 136-46; A. J. P. Taylor, 'Manchester', Encounter, vn (1957), p. 4. Bowker, Lancashire under the Hammer, p. 10. Men of the Period, p. 39. 30 Manchester School to Tory Democracy 1 candidate in Wales. 2 Now this trend was neither uniform, nor universal, nor irreversible; but it was persistent.

In 1910, however, Blatchford was writing about the navy for the Daily Mail and could be dismissed by orthodox Labour supporters as a crypto-Tory. The Clarion took little interest in the two General Elections.

But the Conservative setbacks in 1880 were blamed by Gorst upon the lack of attention to the social needs of the boroughs by Disraeli's Government. See Trevor Lloyd, The General Election of 1880 (1968), pp. 80-1; and cf. below, p. 404. 39 Formative influences describe the essentially democratic nature of Toryism or the essential Toryism of the democracy. The first model is a deviant form of class politics in which the Conservatives capture the working-class vote by outbidding the Liberals on social policy.

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