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L’alouette affolée raconte l’aventure d’un adolescent qui n’était pas né pour se battre mais qui, par amour de l’aviation, participa à l’une des plus grandes tragédies du XXe siècle. De los angeles Tunisie au débarquement de Normandie en passant par Londres, Gilbert Boulanger découvre le monde par l. a. guerre, avec ce qu’elle comporte de camaraderie, d’angoisse et de périls. Ses aventures, qu’elles soient militaires ou amoureuses, Gilbert Boulanger les raconte avec toute los angeles candeur et los angeles sensibilité d’un conteur et du jeune homme qu’il était alors.

Passionné de l’aviation, Gilbert Boulanger, s’enrôle à 18 ans comme mitrailleur et il est affecté à l’escadrille 425 « Alouettes ». Il survécut miraculeusement à l’écrasement d’un bombardier Wellington et reçut los angeles Croix du carrier distingué dans l’Aviation (D.F.C.).

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NARA) Long before Bataan fell, MacArthur had left, at Roosevelt's orders, for Australia. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his defense of the Philippines, a tribute less to the military skills he had demonstrated than to the careful treatment he always received from Roosevelt and Marshall (who had been a colonel when MacArthur was Chief of Staff), both conscious of his strong support among American politicians on the right. By the time MacArthur left on March 12, 1942, the Japanese had completed their conquest of the Southern Resource Area.

Yamamoto also expected that a successful surprise attack would damage the USN's morale and enthusiasm to engage in a long-term war with Japan. Therefore, one of the vital aims of the Pearl Harbor attack was to undermine the USN's morale from the very beginning. ) PREPARATIONS FOR PEARL HARBOR The staff officers chose fast, long-ranging ships to form a task force for the surprise attack. Yamamoto supervised the entire operation from the Combined Fleet's HQ, the flagship Nagato, which stayed in Hashirajima, Japan.

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