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By Stephen Sale, Laura Salisbury

Friedrich Kittler used to be one of many world’s so much influential, provocative and misunderstood media theorists. His paintings spans analyses of ancient ‘discourse networks’ encouraged by means of French poststructuralism, influential theorizations of latest media, via to musings on song and arithmetic. continuously arguable and relentlessly unpredictable, Kittler’s paintings is an important reference element for modern media concept, literary feedback and cultural studies.

This is the single e-book of essays at present to be had in English on an enormous philosopher whose impression throughout disciplines is growing to be. the quantity situates Kittler’s principles, explaining and critiquing his occasionally tough writing, and utilizing his theories to adopt leading edge readings of previous and new media. it's also formerly untranslated paintings through Kittler himself. individuals contain Caroline Bassett, Steven Connor, Alexander R. Galloway, Mark B. Hansen, John Durham Peters and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young.

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With no warning whatsoever, when shepherds dreamt and the midday silence was overwhelming, Pan buzzed in every ear. Pan, a cove of the auditory space [eine Wöhlbung des Hörraums], had always been closer to the Great Goddess than all her desperate lovers, those who pursued her by sight alone. Full of envy, Actaeon said: At times it seemed to me I saw, up there on the rock, the back of old Pan, who was also lying in wait for her. But from afar one might have taken him for a stone, or for some stunted old tree trunk.

The media explosion of our days, therefore, should not only be heard in the media-­theoretical manner of its prophets. According to Marshall McLuhan, the message of the synthesizer is simply the synthesizer. But even if the darkness is so overwhelming that no dark side of the moon exists, electronic media might yet invoke a still darker presence.  . is it?  . (Pause for laughter)’ (Sedgewick 13). Translator’s Note Without the invaluable contributions of Paul Feigelfeld and Kerstin Bergmann simply nothing would have been achieved.

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