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T W'illrich). * L. ) it JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, XII. 104-108 bitiou';lv and painstakinsjlv as possible to make the translation accurate, continuing at their work until the ninth hour," when they took a recess to attend to their bodilv wants, for food was liberally supplied them and Dorotheus, moreover, furnished them — with many of the dishes prepared for the king this by his command. And early each day they would go to the court, pay their respects to Ptolemy and then go back to the same place ^ and, after washing their hands in the sea and purifying themselves," would betake themselves in this state to the translaNow, when the Law had been tion of the laws.

Ovnep 8teTafaTO Se avTot-: et? Ovalag Kal Tas XotTrdg TaAai'xa tco UpeV SoOrjvaL. ro/Lttff/Ltaro? 42 CKaTov 8e TO. Lai Tponov ttjs YpaitfidTajv A. Kal T-qs ex Arist. Nics-: ttJj ' * + ^ codd. K. dpyvpiov 8e TaXavra ifiho^rjKOVTa ex Arist. Naber. * Upu> 1 LAV. " Whether Arist. here cites the genuine work uf the Greek historian Hec^itaeus, m ho wrote a History of Egypt ajid 22 JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, XII. 38-42 Hecataeus of Abdera " tells us, the poets and historians have made no mention of it or of the men whose lives have been governed by it, on the ground that it was sacred and not to be revealed by profane mouths.

Rjpdr], Trpo? eutu^^tav /cat tt^v aTroAauCTtt' 99 TcDv' TTap€aK€vaapL€V(x>v ^aoiXevs iroiiqaa- etV fxeaov Tqu^^ro toj Irpdmqaav. ro, ojg rco jSouAo/xe'vo* ^ ToiovTov rd Kard FVE /Jiepog yvwvai. rcov ft fort. Lat. ° The seatinfr arrangement Some is not quite clear. scliolars take dva xelpa {conj. in Arist. ) to mean 48 JEWISH ANTIQUITIES, XII. 96-100 the king having so commanded for he had ordered that half the guests should recline beside him and the others behind his own couch," thus neglecting ; nothing in which he might show them honour.

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