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By John M. G. Barclay

The 1st ebook to supply a accomplished survey of the historical past of the Jews within the Mediterranean Diaspora within the Hellenistic and early Roman interval. Uniquely, it combines a learn of the entire vital Jewish groups with a radical exam of the Diaspora literature as a whole.An vital reference for all students and scholars with an curiosity in moment Temple Judaism, Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity>

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Smallwood 1970:12-13, 16-17,25; 1981:23,1. oM 64 JIMS in Rnman Eg;ypt JIMS in the Mediterranean Diaspora strength lies in connecting the Alexandrian worries about the of their citizen body (CPJ 150; 153, lines 52-57) with warning to Jews not to seek 'more than they had before' ( lines 89-90). However, as we have just seen, that phrase shoule treated with caution before it is taken as a straigh description of reality. 3. A number of influential scholars now argue that the politicLII for which the Alexandrian JIMS faught were not citizen rights at all 'j>oliteuma'rights oftheJewish community.

Kasher 1985:261 u. 35 accuses Tcherikover of employing false analogies recent 'emancipation', but is himselfaccusedofpolitic:fl] bias (,Israeli by Cohen 1982. frjPl 63 't is dangerous to assume that Alexandrian Jews employed simple unified definitions of 'orthodoxy'; that way we might exclude important evidence on the basis of false assumptions'" II. The Main Scholarly options Although some viewpoints defy simple classification, we may divide tbe main interpretative options into three categories, which have each in turn represented a consensus view: I.

Their cities of origin), not the t)()liteuma in which they are currently incorporated'" As we have seen, Josephus' global claims for Alexandrian rights (above, chapter 2 n. 28) are to be treated with some suspicion; in any case they are mostly too vague to aid our enquiry. It seems likely that the rights accorded to the community by the Ptolemies, For the interpretation of this difficult text (which Josephus tried to simplify, Ani 12,108), see Tcherikover in cpJ 1,9 n. 24; Smallwood 1970:5 n. asher 1985:208-ll; Zuckennan 1988:181-84', Liideritz 1994:204-8.

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