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By Eitan P. Fishbane

Within the overdue 1870s, shaken by way of fast socioeconomic switch, inner crises, and the increase of antisemitism, younger Jews assumed management, created dozens of businesses, and encouraged plenty of fans. those organisations helped outline the nineteenth-century Jewish awakening: cultural and spiritual renewal, and the merchandising of Jewish schooling. increasing upon the incomplete paintings of Leah Levitz Fishbane, this quantity seeks to develop our realizing of this era, which prepared the ground for brand spanking new advancements in American Jewish communal, cultural, and non secular existence.

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63–65. The role of the YMHA, as well as the significance of associate-level membership, its parameters, and the involvement of young Jews such as Sulzberger, Cohen, Greenbaum, Solis-Cohen, and others during the first decade of the New York and Philadelphia associations will be treated subsequently in chapter 2. 8. e. ” Cowen, Memories, p. 41. It is unclear what brought Max Cohen and Solis-Cohen into close alliance and friendship, though it is likely that the two met and quickly became friends through the common friendship of Sulzberger (who was close with Solis-Cohen in Philadelphia and also with Max Cohen, his new neighbor in New York whom he met through Philip Cowen) once he had moved from Philadelphia to New York in 1877.

He edited the Philadelphia ymha’s Association Review (with Cyrus L. Sulzberger) and later worked to establish a national union of ymhas. He also played a central role in the success of the American Hebrew as one of the founding editors. While in college, he enjoyed intensive tutorials from his primary teacher and intellectual-religious advisor, Sabato Morais, and although he decided to pursue a career in medicine, Solis-Cohen continued to study Hebrew literature intensively with Morais until 1885.

13. Of course, the youngest members of this peer group, such as Cyrus Adler and Henrietta Szold, saw little of Civil War America, as they were born in 1863 and 1860, respectively. Solomon Solis-Cohen (b. 1857) and Cyrus Sulzberger (b. 1858) were young children during the war. The older members, born in 1853 or 1854, such as P. Cowen, D. Hays, Max Cohen, S. Greenbaum, and Mary Cohen, were already school-age children during the war, and it can be assumed that it made an impact on both their American identity and Jewish identity as they watched their country and community debate both national issues and controversies affecting American Jewry.

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