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By Cecil Roth

The booklet in its first Israeli variation is a suite of Jewish paintings from antiquity till modernity, with illustrated essays.

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It is still to define the too earlv mechanism of the formation of the culture. It otherwise with is those elements of the culture a which invite search in direction Egypt, larly than being particu- this the other case with the painted and engraved pebbles, linked lithic with the Neo- examples from Shaar Pi nhead 7 ° rna i:cnL ' l , A u Bone, from Abu-Matar. Beer Sheba culture. ' JEWISH ART IN ANTIQUITY 59 Star-design on wall of dwelling-house at Tullat-at-Ghassoul. E. 18. Hagolan and farther A afield.

These found their expression in those astonishing clav statues, discovered in the lower levels of the among mound, whose remains must be placed the chief Middle East. A works of ancient strange head flat the in art 14), evi- (fig. Head 14. dently only meant to be seen from the of nearly natural size, at Jericho. art. served as supports on which the outlines of faces of sea-shells inserted in the clay, are set were modelled, the eyes being encrusted with face is The These decorated chin is shells.

The animals are shown Men appear only life-size (the 2 meters 35 long). The technique used of a wild represent but a bovid, a dromedarv, a hare, and goats, other of engravings, of which only a few occupy us here, will Neuville's words, "nearer to those of la Vezere it oldest broad deeply cut not allow for surface, much line, bovid is which obviously did refinement of drawing: framed by the that lines, is the never worked. These engravings are often clumsy and schematic, but in some cases the accuracy of the outlines JEWISH ART IN ANTIQUITY 51 testifies to and a sure sense of careful observation form and movement.

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