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By Amit Bhaduri, Deepak Nayyar

On Indian economic climate, adjustments in ways to privitization.

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Culturally, the liberal came to personify permissiveness with regard to the social aspects of everyday life and was prepared to be open to change, allowing structure to follow process. In the Cold War era, Dr. Benjamin Spock was thought to be the archetypal liberal who rejected, then changed his mind and accepted, and then championed, the claims of women’s libera t i ~ n Some . ~ conservatives saw the attitudes of men such as Dr. Spock as the very example of social decline and decay. Conservatives have dedicated their lives to rubbing out this blot on the escutcheon of Authority and Order.

Who would have thought that self-interest as conceived by a professor of moral philosophy, Adam Smith, would result in a pathological self-interest where it meant exploitation and the exclusion of others from the common wealth? No doubt Smith has turned over in his grave often since his death. Of course, it was not only Smith who was turning over in his grave. There were millions who thought they were encased in a living death. Farmers and laborers at the beginning of the twentieth century lived in personal turmoil.

Its malign power did not come all at once, according to the Borkian story. It started with the Enlightenment but came to its dastardly culmination in the 1960s with the Students for a Democratic Society’s Port Huron Statement. But it was really Thomas Jefferson, not the slave owner but the radical, who didn’t understand the nature of man. According to Bork, Enlightenment thinkers extracted certain features from the “whole man” and turned them into the entire picture of humanity’s needs, as in the case of the misplaced need for inalienable rights?

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