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By Timothy Paris

T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) defined his war-time leader as "the excellent leader", a guy who "worked by way of impact instead of by way of loud course. ... He used to be like water, or permeating oil, creeping silently and insistently via every thing. It was once impossible to assert the place Clayton was once and was once no longer, and what sort of relatively belonged to him." this can be the 1st biography of normal Sir Gilbert Clayton (1875–1929), Britain's pre-eminent "man-on-the-spot" through the youth of the fashionable heart East.

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For the next four years Gordon bounced round the empire as if looking for his next great mission. He did not find it in Abyssinia, India, Mauritius or Palestine. Gordon’s sense of mission was accentuated by his deep Christian faith, a faith that apparently arose from a sort of epiphany experienced during an attack of small pox in China, an event, he said, which ‘brought me back to my Saviour’. But Gordon’s faith was not of any traditional variety; it was, rather, of a ‘mystical, fatalistic . .

For young Gilbert – ‘Bertie’ as he would be known to family and friends for his entire life – this was a time of great excitement. Every morning, as he heard the Militia’s band strike up in the distance, he would race out to the raised footpath beside the road and march beside the regiment as it passed by on its way to Carisbrooke Castle. 18 Small wonder that from an early age, Bertie, and later Iltyd, both aspired to be ‘Gunners’ in the Royal Artillery. Only John would follow a different path and, like so many of his Falkingham and Clayton ancestors, join the Royal Navy.

The best known and most successful of them was Captain Walter H. 42 William Clayton, determined to give his son every opportunity of becoming a Gunner, promptly arranged for Bertie to join Jimmy’s spring course in 1893. Years later Bertie recalled that among the boys at Jimmy’s in that spring of 1893, was a candidate preparing for his third go at the Sandhurst exam. The boy’s manner was so annoying to his tutors and fellow students that he had to sidle along the perimeter of the classroom with his back to the wall in order to reach his place without getting his bottom kicked by the other students.

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