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48-61 Transcription units . . . 40-45 Additional information: genome is linear, four early regions and two structural regions with one major late promotor and contains one or two VARNA genes. F. Adenovirus replication cycle (From Fields Virology, 5thed, Knipe & Howley, eds, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001, Fig. ) ADENOVIRUS REPLICATION Virion Block CTL Response CAR Cell Lysis Late proteins Integrins Endosome Early proteins Cytoplasm Virion DNA Modulate Cell Cycle Nuclear pore Progeny Virus Shut down host mRNA transport Early mRNAs Progeny DNA Nucleus Late mRNAs STAGES OF ADENO REPLICATION II After translation the proteins accumulate in the nucleus and together with newly made (nascent) viral DNA assembly into virions.

Types of infection  Lytic Results in cell death; seen in mucoepithelical cells.  Latent/occult Virus remains in host cell; seen in lymphoid tissue, Groups B and C.  Oncogenic Transformation Uncontrolled cell growth and replication occur; seen with Group A viruses in hamsters .  Several serotypes, especially types 12, 18, and 31, are able to induce tumors when inoculated into newborn hamsters.  All adenoviruses can morphologically transform cells in culture regardless of their oncogenic potential in vivo.

Core, capsid  Additional information. . antenna-like 1050 nm long fibers (polypeptide IV) protrude from the 12 vertices.          Nucleic acid . . . . . DNA Strandedness . . . . double-stranded Configuration . . . . linear Segments. . . . . . 1 Size [kb]. . . . . . 36 G+C content [%]. . . . 48-61 Transcription units . . . 40-45 Additional information: genome is linear, four early regions and two structural regions with one major late promotor and contains one or two VARNA genes.

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