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By Melody Carlson

Whereas giving the laundry room of Grace Chapel hotel a radical cleansing, Alice Howard unearths an previous hatbox containing her father's teenage magazine courting again to the early 1900s. As Alice reads it aloud every one night to her sisters, Louise and Jane, the hidden heritage in their liked father sheds new gentle on his existence and their very own. in the meantime, a visitor at Grace Chapel resort seems to be the sister of Mark Graves, veterinarian Alice dated again in nursing institution. Jane invitations him to dinner and Alice and Mark turn out doing overdue evening surgical procedure on a plum-pie-eating pig. Will the time they have spent jointly bring about extra?

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Alice had not paid much attention to the yard back then as there were too many other things that demanded her attention—her full-time job, taking care of her father, church-related responsibilities and just the everyday chores of living. Alice vividly remembered the way she had seen the garden exactly a year before, the day her father had died. Although bright and sunny, the day had seemed gloomy. After attending to the details of her father’s funeral, she had walked through this same garden and looked sadly at the beds overgrown with weeds and the brown patches of lawn, scorched by summer’s heat and lack of water.

Then she held her forefinger over her lips. ” Alice peeked into the baby buggy to see a pair of dark beady eyes and a black snout poking out of a white baby bonnet. “Well, hello there, Daisy,” said Alice. “Oh, Daisy,” said Clara, bending over to see. “Did you wake up already? ” Alice was not sure what to say next. ” she finally asked. ” “Daisy just turned seven weeks,” said Clara proudly. “Barely old enough to be weaned from her mother. She still drinks from a bottle sometimes. ” “I’ve never seen anything like her,” said Alice honestly.

Yes. ” Louise cleared her throat. “Well, I could tell right from the start that this woman was trouble. She was going for the Marilyn Monroe look. ” “She was a bit plump,” injected Alice. ” “She drove a brand-new red convertible,” said Alice. ” “Yes, and she liked to park that flashy automobile right in front of our house when she came over for church services,” continued Louise. ” “She would slowly get out of her car, making a huge production of it. Then she would strut past our house and toward the church as if she were a famous movie star.

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