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By Gerina Dunwich

Natural Magick offers you every thing you must learn about the Pagan lore of vegetation and the way to create robust magick with roots, plant life, leaves, and bark. It finds the well-guarded secrets and techniques of natural enchantments from centuries earlier and touches on a number of the interesting folkloric ideals hooked up to herbs. It presents a pleasing assisting of easy-to-follow spells for plenty of reasons, or even indicates how herb-related omens should be simply interpreted with a view to unveil one's destiny and the unknown. It additionally offers details at the applicable instances and ways that to plant and harvest yes magickal herbs, in keeping with age-old occult culture. This e-book is designed for either the newbie and complicated scholar of the occult arts and all individuals who're drawn to the magick, secret, and tool of herbs. it truly is a useful connection with support magickally and spiritually reconnect with mom Nature, Goddess Earth, and the outdated Pagan methods.

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Iona Opie and Moira Tatem, A Dictionary of Superstitions. Acorn It was once believed that an acorn placed on a windowsill guarded a house against fires and damage caused by lightning strikes. This superstition can be traced back to the old Norse legend that the great god Thor once sheltered from a thunderstorm under a mighty oak tree. ” Agrimony According to a rhyme found in a medieval medical manuscript, “If it [agrimony] be leyd under a man’s head, he shall ™35™ 36 Herbal Magick sleep as if he were dead.

In order for the divination to work, it needed to be carried out at the midnight hour as Midsummer began. Diviners have employed herbs since ancient times. However, not all herbal divinations center on romance and matrimony. Meadowsweet gathered on Midsummer, for example, was used long ago to determine the gender of a thief. It was believed that if the plant sank when placed on water, the thief was male. If it floated, this indicated a female. Pagan Herb Lore 33 Esbat o ort Moon off the W Wort An Esbat is a monthly Witches’ gathering or coven meeting that takes place 13 times a year when the moon is full.

The Druids believed that it was necessary to appease the gods by sacrificing a pair of white bulls during their mistletoecutting ritual. Also known in earlier times as all heal, devil’s fuge, golden bough, and Witches’ broom, the mistletoe is said to be sacred to the Pagan deities Apollo, Freya, Frigga, Odin, and Venus. According to old Pagan herb lore, mistletoe works well to ward off lightning strikes and storms when hung from the chimney or over the doors and windows of a dwelling. Fairies are also said to be repelled by the sight and smell of mistletoe, a belief that unquestionably gave birth to the old custom of placing a sprig of the plant inside a child’s cradle.

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