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By Robert Graves

It is a finished examine the tales that make up the previous testomony and the Jewish faith, together with the people stories, apocryphal texts, midrashes, and different little-known records that the previous testomony and the Torah don't contain. during this exhaustive learn, Robert graves offers a desirable account of pre-Biblical texts which have been censored, suppressed, and hidden for hundreds of years, and which now emerge to provide us a clearer view of Hebrew fable and faith than ever.

Venerable classicist and historian Robert Graves recounts the traditional Hebrew tales, either vague and primary, with a wealthy experience of storytelling, tradition, and spirituality. This ebook is bound to be riveting to scholars of Jewish or Judeo-Christian background, tradition, and religion.


Robert Graves (1895–1985) used to be an English novelist, poet, and translator of Classical Greek and Roman literature, and probably the most favourite English writers of the twentieth century. He used to be an incredibly prolific author, who released greater than a hundred and forty novels and collections of poetry. as well as novels and poetry, he released groundbreaking research of Greek mythology, in addition to a memoir of his time in wrestle in the course of global struggle I, the place he was once gravely wounded on the conflict of the Somme. Graves is healthier recognized for his historic novels, which come with I, Claudius, Claudius the God, The Golden Fleece, King Jesus, and Count Belisarius. In 1934, Robert Graves used to be offered the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his ancient novels facing the Roman Emperor Claudius.

Raphael Patai (1910–1996) was once a Hungarian-Jewish ethnographer, historian, Orientalist and anthropologist. whereas Patai’s paintings used to be common, starting from the advance of historic Israelite tradition to fashionable Arab stories, his fundamental concentration and primary ardour was once Jewish folklore. between his different books are Myth and Legend of historical Israel, The Hebrew Goddess, and The fantasy of the Jewish Race. He was once a professor on the Hebrew collage in Jerusalem and based the Palestine Institute of Folklore and Ethnology, the place he served because the learn director for 4 years. After he grew to become a U.S. citizen he held traveling professorships at many esteemed universities, together with Princeton, Columbia, ny college, and the college of Pennsylvania. In 1936, Raphael was once granted the Bialik Prize for Jewish notion together with Moshe Zvi Segal.

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II, p. 219). MYTH AND DREAM the everlastingly recurrent themes of the wonderful song of the soul's high adventure. '21 The dreamer is assisted across the water by the gift of a small wooden box, which takes the place, in this dream, of the more usual skiff or bridge. This is a symbol of her own special talent and virtue, by which she has been ferried across the waters of the world. The dreamer has supplied us with no account of her associations, so that we do not know what special contents the box would have revealed; but it is certainly a variety of Pandora's box—that divine gift of the gods to beautiful woman, filled with the seeds of all the trouble and blessings of existence, but also provided with the sustaining virtue, hope.

Here one can neither stand nor lie nor sit There is not even silence in the mountains But dry sterile thunder without rain There is not even solitude in the mountains But red sullen faces sneer and snarl From doors ofmudcracked housesvf' The hero is the man of self-achieved submission. But submission to what? That precisely is the riddle that today we have to ask ourselves and that it is everywhere the primary virtue and historic deed of the hero to have solved. As Professor Arnold J. Toynbee indicates in his six-volume study of the laws of the rise and disintegration of civilizations,17 schism in the soul, schism in the body social, will not be resolved by any scheme of return to the good old days (archaism), or by programs guaranteed to render an ideal projected future (futurism), or even by the most realistic, hardheaded work to weld together again the deteriorating elements.

This fateful infantile distribution of death {thanatos: destrudo) and love (eros: libido) impulses builds the foundation of the now celebrated Oedipus complex, which Sigmund Freud pointed out some fifty years ago as the great cause of our adult failure to behave like rational beings. As Dr. Freud has stated it: "King Oedipus, who slew his father Laius and married his mother Jocasta, merely shows us the fulfilment of our own childhood wishes. "6 The sorry plight of the wife of the lover whose sentiments instead of maturing remain locked in the romance of the nursery may be judged from the apparent nonsense of another modern dream; and here we begin to feel indeed that we are entering the realm of ancient myth, but with a curious turn.

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