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By Russ Hille, Susan M. Miller, Bruce Palfey (Eds.)

The dynamic box of flavin and flavoprotein biochemistry has visible fast development lately. This finished quantity set presents an summary of all points of latest examine during this vital classification of enzymes. themes taken care of comprise flavoproteins desirous about power iteration, sign transduction and electron move (including respiration); oxygen activation through flavoproteins; the biology and biochemistry of advanced flavoproteins; flavin and flavoprotein photochemistry/photophysics in addition to biotechnological functions of flavoproteins. fresh advancements during this box comprise new constructions (including these of enormous membrane-integral electron move complexes containing FMN or FAD), elucidation of the position of flavoproteins in phone signalling pathways (including either phototaxis and the circadian cycle) and demanding new insights into the response mechanisms of flavin-containing enzymes. This quantity focussing on oxidases, dehydrogenases and similar platforms is an important reference for all researchers in biochemistry, chemistry, photochemistry and photophysics engaged on flavoenzymes.

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Elucidation of the crystal structure of GOOX from the fungus Acremonium strictum provided the first example of a bicovalently flavinylated oxidase [7] and ChitO from F. graminearum is a further well-investigated fungal BBE-like enzyme [10]. GOOX was first isolated from wheat bran cultures of A. strictum T1 by Lin et al. during screening experiments for novel glucooligosaccharide oxidases for application as industrial biocatalysts or diagnostic reagents for alternative carbohydrate assays [112,113].

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