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By David Irving

Hermann Goring used to be Hitler's hand-picked successor, his adjust ego, commander of the typhoon stroopers and the Luftwaffe, architect of the Gestapo, the focus camps and the large bombings of British civilian facilities. Irving has crafted a biography that captures the internal works of Nazi Germany.

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He expended  rounds of ammunition and had the satisfaction of seeing one Englishman spinning out of control into the German lines. On the twenty-ninth, Göring shot down a Nieuport, watched it crash, and learned later that the British pilot, a Flight  .   Lieutenant Fletcher, survived with a bullet in his leg. “As I flew on to Behain at three hundred feet,” he reported that night, “a second enemy single-seater swooped down, pursued by an Albatros. The Englishman briefly attacked me and shot out my rudder .

After it was over, the Führer embraced the Beloved One and told me that if he said what he really thought of his achievement the Beloved One would get a swollen head. ” The Bavarians were ready for action against France, but Berlin had cold feet. Worse, when Hitler and Göring tried to force the Bavarian government’s hand by holding a provocative anti-Communist May Day parade in an arena north of Munich, General von Lossow called in all the army weapons that he had previously allowed the SA to carry.

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