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3. GLOB0 AND ISOGLOBO SERlES In addition to GlcCer and LacCer, GSLs of the globo series are the major constituent glycolipids of most extraneural tissues of mammals. 1. 3) This lipid was first isolated by Makita and Yamakawa [149] from bovine spleen. 3" in pyridine) in contrast to the levorotatory power ( - 10 to - 12') of lactosylceramide, as well as its behavior in thin-layer chromatography. Normal human kidney [136,177],spleen [150],serum [178],and most other extraneural tissues and fluids have also been shown to contain substantial amounts of this lipid.

Sulfated tri- and tetraglycosylceramides A sulfated trihexosylceramide isolated from hog gastric mucosa was reported to have the partial structure HSO, + 3Gall- 4Gall- 4Glc + Cer [265]. Slomiany et al. described two sulfated glycosphingolipids with the basic structure of the lacto-series. 4 M sodium acetate in chloroform/methanol/water, from hog gastric mucosa residue that had been extracted with chloroform/methanol (2 : l), and separated by several procedures. 3) (2691. Recently, Tadano and Ishizuka isolated three .

The flow-through fraction from the DEAEcolumn contained polyglycosylceramides (termed macroglycolipids), and the yield was about 5 mg per 200 ml of erythrocytes. 5% amino acid), gave a broad band in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate, and a streak on a thin layer plate after acetylation, suggesting the presence of a variety of homologues. In these preparative procedures, introduction of an acetylation-silica gel chromatography step reduced the content of amino acids from 2-78 to less then 1%,while the molar ratio of carbohydrates to sphingoid base remained unchanged before and after the acetylation step [315].

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