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By Deborah Dash Moore

The writer, born in '46, writes approximately her dad, a Jewish veteran of WW II and approximately his buddies and contemporaries from diverse backgrounds. those younger males confronted demanding situations and had attention-grabbing experierences, confronting the battle, different GI's from diverse American backgrounds-- small cities, anti-semites, southerners, and so forth. in addition they confronted the Germans and the japanese and lots of served with contrast and nice honor to their kingdom. For someone attracted to the interval and particularly for people with fathers who served in WW II, it is a nice learn. these tales your dad informed you approximately his experiences-- true... and extra.

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They demanded police protection when members of the Christian Front, followers of Father Coughlin, vandalized synagogues. 30 Aware of antisemitic attitudes, the Dragons tried not to let these stereotypes influence their own behavior. Nevertheless, the decision to enlist instead of waiting for the draft was in part a way to prove just how willing they were to get into the armed forces. Martin Dash decided to enlist. Enlisting had distinct advantages: he could choose his branch of service or try out for a particular program.

The excuse that “they didn’t have room for anyone” after questions about the Boy Scouts and an obscure lake in Florida didn’t sit well with him. Five foot eight with brown eyes, dark skin, and black curly hair, Dash could pass as Cuban, as he had in the summer of 1939 when he’d sold maracas at the World’s Fair. ] Martin Dash in Navy uniform. Crashing the Naval Reserve midshipman program turned out to be Dash’s first skirmish of the war. Sharing the photo with his Brooklyn buddies helped maintain their friendships during three long years in military service.

Some, like Dash’s buddies Wilton Hilowitz and Lester Klauber, were already in uniform. 23 Klauber had entered the army a week before Pearl Harbor. 25 Unlike Klauber and Hilowitz, Herbie Jawitz, yet another member of the gang, received his draft notice on the day after Pearl Harbor. 26 Ralph Jackson didn’t wait for the draft, although he had his number. On Monday morning, December 8, 32 ✯ gi j ews he walked into the office at MGM and gave them two weeks’ notice. Swept up in the patriotic fervor, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps before the New Year.

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