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The real 2 0 part corresponds to the dispersion relation as discussed previously. As can be seen, collisions are smearing out the formerly sharp corner at ωp /ω = 1 The real part is finite now also for frequencies below the plasma frequency, as well as the imaginary part is for frequencies above. 6 Discussion of Cold-Plasma Dispersion Relations in low temperature not fully ionized plasmas to determine the collision rate. Note that collisions with neutral particles need to be considered here. 54, as collisions are neglected again in the further treatment; thus U = 1.

With the wavelength between the limiting values, Debye length λD on the one hand, and scale length L on the other, λD λ L, the description applies not only for unbounded plasmas but also for spatially limited laboratory plasmas with density, temperature, and B-field gradients. 2 Plasma Dielectric Tensor, General Properties Before calculating the elements ε ij of the dielectric tensor for the plasma state considered, some useful analytic properties of the dielectric tensor should be listed here. They are adopted from Ref.

No favorable orientation exists and the propagation direction can be chosen arbitrarily. 76) 0 1 − X − N2 0 ⎠ ⎝ Ey ⎠ = 0 0 0 1−X Ez where the subscript has been skipped in the following, identifying E instead of E1 with the wave’s electric field. Concerning the orientation of the E-field, two special cases need to be distinguished, the E-field purely longitudinal, that is parallel to k, k||E, corresponding to E x = E y = 0, E z = 0, and the opposite case, the E-field purely transverse, k⊥E, corresponding to E x , E y = 0, E z = 0.

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