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By Belgium) Colloquium on Functional Integration Theory and Applications (1979 : Louvain-la-Neuve, Jean Pierre Antoine, Enrique Tirapegui

Antoine J.-P., Tirapegui E. (eds.) practical integration.. idea and purposes (Proc. Louvain-la-Neuve, Plenum, 1980)(ISBN 0306405733)_LL_

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Quantenmechanik.. eine Einfuehrung (QM 1)(7ed., Springer, 2008)(de)(ISBN 97835407367457)

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57. NDFWM signal versus detuning DE ˆ " h…o2 À o1 † for: (a) 64%; (b) 68%; and (c) 73% porosity. The solid lines are theoretical ®ts. From Ref. [193]. 272], to empirical pseudo-potential (EPL) [185,200,202,209,222,260,261,269], from Hartree±Fock [245,258,265,266,268] to density functional theory [201,203±208,210±214,217±221,226,228±231,234± 236,238,246,247,255,270±272]. All the calculations performed on con®ned Si structures give a similar picture concerning the quantum con®nement effect: a widening of the band gap from the near-infrared wavelength region to, and beyond, the visible range.

The energy of the low energy peak is almost independent of the oxidation temperature, whereas the higher one moves higher in energy with the oxidation temperature. Besides, at low temperature the low energy band dominates, whereas at higher temperature the high energy one. On the light of the results showed in Fig. 66 one can suggest the following interpretation of these experimental results: during the oxidation treatment some of the 62 O. Bisi et al. / Surface Science Reports 38 (2000) 1±126 Fig.

From Ref. [184]. However, all the detailed studies of the absorption behavior in the optical regime for PS show a linear behavior in a Tauc plot, characteristic of an indirect gap. Moreover, the indirect nature of the band gap is supported by the observed ®ne structure in resonantly excited low temperature PL [184]. The observed presence of momentum-conserving phonons (see Fig. 55) is peculiar of an indirect gap semiconductor. 1) for Si quantum wires predict a direct band gap, a careful analysis of the character of the band edge states shows that the real nature of this gap is pseudo-direct and not a direct one [185].

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