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By Gordon Rottman

FUBAR: F***ed Up past All attractiveness is a compact dictionary which takes a frank examine the Commonwealth, American and German slang utilized by the lads at the floor and indicates how, even within the warmth of motion, they in some way controlled to maintain their feel of humour, black even though it may were. - Publisher.


The soldier slang of worldwide battle II was once as vibrant because it was once evocative. This e-book takes a glance on the Commonwealth, American and German slang utilized by the boys at the flooring and indicates how, even in the Read more...

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Condition Red Anything important or critical. From the air-raid alert warning, red alert. Condition Black was also considered serious. There were four conditions of alert: Green – Normal, all clear. Yellow – Cautionary warning. Red – Air attack. Black – Enemy landing. cooking-off US hand grenades were activated by pulling a safety pin while the arming lever was held in place. When thrown the lever flew off, allowing the “mousetrap” to ignite the 4–5-second delay fuse. To prevent the enemy from having time to throw the grenade back, the thrower might release the lever and hold the grenade for 2–3 “cooking off ” seconds before throwing.

A “mil tap” traverses the gun approximately 10 inches at every 100 yards of range. gunney Marine gunnery sergeant, equivalent to Army technical sergeant (grade 2). gyrene Marine. Derived from the Chinese pronunciation of marine. H How (Hypo) hack it The ability to deal with situations and difficulties. One could “hack it” or not. Hagensen pack Demolition charge developed by Navy lieutenant (jg) Carl Hagensen for destroying Normandy beach obstacles. Consisted of 2½lb of C2 plastic explosives in a sock, providing a flexible tube-like pack.

French seventy-five 75mm M1897 series field gun. Standard divisional artillery until replaced by the 105mm howitzer in 1940–42. The “seventy-five” served on as a halftrack-mounted tank destroyer. ” frog suit Four-color camouflage uniform, or “frog skin,” that was too heavy and hot for wear in the Pacific. It was also withdrawn from European wear as it was mistaken for Waffen-SS camouflage uniforms. front and center Present one’s self in the front of the unit formation, usually for an award or promotion.

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