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Occasionally, while I contact issues, phrases fill my head. phrases that suppose like thoughts--thoughts which are inside me...but now not mine.I used to imagine i used to be loopy. Used to.I'm beginning to ponder whether there is a explanation for all of the voices that tangle jointly in my brain. And if i am correct, then it is not my sanity i am anxious about--it's my existence.

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But she had at least figured Lea would give her a heads up if he was seeing someone else. Marcus turned around. Rae thought she caught a flicker of disgust in his expression, but then he gave her the Salkow smile, his teeth gleaming white against the tan he’d acquired over the summer. “Sting Rae! You’re back,” he exclaimed, then 54 wrapped her in a fast hug. Too fast. Like he didn’t want to touch her for too long. Like she might be contagious. The acid in her stomach splashed up into the back of her throat.

Now, I’m sorry, but he is a loser, she thought. A Backstreet Boys T-shirt, and he has to be, like, sixteen or seventeen. Please. “Looks like the gang’s all here,” a thirtyish woman with black hair in dozens of tiny braids said as she strode into the room and shut the door behind her. “Except Jesse Beven. ” she asked the Backstreet Boys fan. The guy, helpfully, shrugged. The woman shook her head as she turned to Rae. “I’m Ms. Abramson. ” “Rae,” she corrected automatically. “Okay, Rae,” Ms. Abramson answered.

The two practically had we’re-a-couple tattooed across their foreheads. Ms. Abramson paused by the cupboards under the row of windows that lined one side of the room. She opened the center cupboard and pulled out a bunch of 25 drawing pads and some boxes of crayons, then began handing them out to everyone in the circle to more groans, not so muffled this time. Backstreet Boy—Anthony, Rae supposed she should start calling him—reluctantly hauled his chair around to face her. She scooted hers toward him, then shoved it back a little so their knees wouldn’t touch.

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