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By Bakhtiyar A. Nazarov, Denis Sinor, Devin DeWeese

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See M. P. Ionitse and M. D. Potapova, Problemy logiko-sintaksicheskoi organizatsii predlozheniia (Kishinev, 1982), p. 22. 2 3 110. Semantic-Syntactic Mechanism Makhmudov Aristotel', "Ritorika," in Antichnye ritoriki (Moscow, 1978), pp. 22, 109- 71 Thus, in the simple comparative sentence "Paikal dengizdek keng" (N. Yakubov), "The field is wide like the sea," an enthimema is expressed. The well-known part (the statement, "The sea is wide") is not expressed in this enthimema, but it is fully implied.

It is quite curious, indeed, that words such as ayt- and de-, usually denoting spoken language and II II II II 6 II II L. N. Gumilev, Drevnie tiurki (Moscow, 1967), pp. 85-86. 65 ordinary expression, were used in the Old Uzbek literary language to refer to verse composition and artistic literary production as well: si(r ayt- ("to write poetry"), ghazal ayt- (lito write a gazel "), badi(a ayt(lito write fiction"), qa~ida ayt- (lito write an ode"), marthiya ayt(lito write an elegy"), turkana ayt- ("to write in Turkic"), si(r de- ("to write poetry"), abyat de- (lito write verses").

Thus did the poet create his work in allegorical form. Alisher Navaiy, Khiizayinul-miiani, vol. 2, Niivadirush-shiibab (Tashkent, 1959), p. 580. 7 57 CAll-shir Nava:>'j continued and developed the romantic tendency in poetic composition in his Khamsa. This is clearly seen in his poem "Farhad and ShInn, which the poet based on folkloric rather than literary material. Farhad is a man of rare qualities (nadir yigit afaq icindii); in the poem he is represented not only as passionate lover, but as warrior, a skillful stonecutter, and a scholar - a combination hardly compatible in a single man in reality.

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