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By By Eric R. Bauer, Ph.D., Daniel R. Babich, and Jeffrey R. Vipperman, Ph.D.

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EQUIPMENT NOISE PROFILES: SURFACE COAL This appendix contains sound profile plots for surface coal mining equipment. Figures D–1 through D–10 are sound profile plots for the various draglines surveyed. The plots illustrate that the highest noise levels are found near the MG sets and sometimes around the drag and hoist motors. They also show that the operator’s cabs are quiet. Figures D–11 and D–12 are a photograph and sound profile plot for a power shovel, respectively. Figure D–12 illustrates that the inside of a power shovel can be quite noisy, with noise levels over 100 dBA.

Obtaining representative sound level measurements to better understand the noise sources responsible for a worker’s exposure; 5. Selection and implementation of appropriate administrative noise control based on the above information; and 6. Followup on the control’s success and modification as needed. Finally, any successful exposure reduction method depends on two issues. First, success of any exposure reduction is contingent upon the person working at lower sound levels. Second, any exposure reduction must not introduce additional health or safety hazards.

Leq(A) sound levels around a Stamler Model BF–14A–1Z–530 feeder-breaker. —Leq(A) sound levels around Spendrup Dual 50 and Dual 60 hp fans. —Leq(A) sound levels near shearer while cutting from tail to head. —Leq(A) sound levels around a longwall stageloader. —Leq(A) sound levels around longwall hydraulics. —CUMULATIVE DOSE PLOTS: SURFACE COAL Cumulative dose plots with annotated task observations for dragline operators from a number of different draglines are shown in Figures C–1 through C–5 and in C–7 through C–9.

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