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By P. Michael Conn

This new quantity of Methods in Enzymology maintains the legacy of this prime serial with caliber chapters authored via leaders within the box. this is often the second of 2 volumes on endosome signaling and contains chapters on such issues as size of access into the endosomal compartment by means of multi-parametric photo research, evaluate of peptide internalization and endosomal signaling, and VEGF-A in endosomal signaling.

  • Continues the legacy of this most efficient serial with caliber chapters authored via leaders within the box
  • Covers endosome signaling
  • Contains chapters on such subject matters as dimension of organic results of endosomal proteolysis of internalized insulin and multi-vesicular endosome biogenesis.

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Following detergent extraction of membrane rafts, cell lysates are frequently subjected to sucrose-density ultracentrifugation, as the enrichment of membrane rafts with cholesterol and sphingolipids increases their buoyancy relative to the rest of the plasma membrane. Different compositions of membrane rafts can be obtained depending on the type of detergent and the duration of extraction (Lingwood & Simons, 2007). , 2009; McCabe & Berthiaume, 2001; McLean & Di Guglielmo, 2010). 1 Detergent-free membrane raft isolation protocol 1.

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