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In a parallel effort, I spent several hours trying to reverse-engineer the chip, working backward from the sensors and external resistors and capacitors. Then, by chance, I found a cross-reference to the BIS0001 IC, and then I was home free with a datasheet written in English. This is a good illustration of the value of looking for cross-references and equivalent components when you’re hunting for a spec sheet. TL0001S (BIS0001) IC The TL0001S, which is equivalent to the BIS0001, is a special-purpose chip designed expressly to interface with PIR sensors as part of a motion-sensing circuit.

Com). It’s expensive, but the working distance is about 5 inches—plenty of room for fingers, tweezers, and a soldering iron or hot air wand. This is definitely in the eBay, used equipment category. Jotting down schematics in a notebook as you work is fine, but you’ll eventually want to transfer schematics to something more legible. com), which is free and easy to use. It’s one of a dozen low-cost or free versions of schematic authoring tools on the Web. Keep It Simple If you’re just starting out, keep it simple.

Highlights This is a quick teardown for the basic unit; the sensors are a little more involved and even potentially dangerous. The outer shell of the smoke alarm can be disassembled with a standard screwdriver. Once you’re inside, the circuit board simply snaps out. The ionization sensor, the smoke sensor that uses ionization as the basis for its operation, is notable because it contains the synthetic element Americium-241, a potentially lethal alpha particle emitter with a half-life of about 430 years.

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